Monthly Archives: September 2008

Out n About

Wednesday night:

I was planning on staying home. I was pretty tired. Pooh had some friends over and they all got me to take some shots with them. Of course, I ended up going out. :)

It was a pretty wild night. Surprisingly…I got up for work early the next morning just fine :)


Beach Day

It was a beautiful day to splash around at the beach! Pooh and I spent the day enjoying the sun, riding the waves, and walking the boardwalk at Mission Beach. Unfortunately, Pooh and I didn’t take any pictures since I left my phone in the car. It was pretty crowded since today was a holiday. Pooh and I are normally off on Sundays and Mondays, so it was just a normal weekend for us.

Random Thought:

I’ve recently got hooked on a cute little myspace app called Super Pets.

For those of you on myspace, give my pet a hug so I can buy it some gear! I earn money for my little guy whenever someone gives it a hug.


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