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I’m having a peanut cutter and jelly sandwich for lunch at work today. Why is it that sandwiches only taste good when someone else makes it for you?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    that’s rather an illusion, my sexy friend. a sandwich does taste the same if the same ingredients are used equally no matter who the preparer is. i think, it’s an extension of the logo disease, of which you seem to be a happy victim; whereby, for anything to register, it has to be of an exterior relation, never emanating from an isolated within.
    an embrace! and yeh, a kiss!

  2. Greg says:

    I like my own sandwiches better….*feels like a narcissist*

  3. Hazen says:

    many years ago my best friend taught me to jerk off with my “opposite” hand. He explained “it feels like someone else is doing it”. After doing it, I agreed with him. He and I have remained best friends since the past century LOL, and we still always joke that having someone else do for us, what we can do ourselves, is always better. Its not unique to sandwiches

  4. fuchsiaboy says:

    i agree. i think the idea of having someone willingly and i guess lovingly making the sandwich for you is such a romantic notion. It’s not the taste per se but the thoughts and memory you attach to it that makes it good. :)

  5. milotjuh says:

    cuz the idea and hassle of making it yourself causes you to loose your appetite, lol

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