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As many of you know, I don’t post porn much. When I do, it’s usually something that I really like and wanted to share.

I recently received an email from RocketAndy, the webmaster from, asking if I’d like to exchange links with their site’s blog and mine. I was very happy to hear that he “loved” my blog. It’s always a great feeling to receive compliments from other sites and bloggers.

I checked out Rocket Tube’s site/blog and I really liked what I saw. Rocket Tube has a great collection of uploaded video clips that will definitely keep you “up” all night. It’s a porn blog but there’s lots of great content. The layout is clean and user friendly. From what I was told, the site has only been up and running for a couple months but it seems their members are growing (no pun intended) and they seem to be doing well. It seems there are some areas that are currently in progress (like the Channels tab) but I look forward to seeing what new things they’ll come up with. RocketAndy asked me if I’d want to post some video’s of myself, but although I feel comfortable posting nude images of myself I’m not quite sure if I’m ready to post any videos. :)

The following is from Rocket Tube’s blog. It really caught my eye…really.

I think his post on Tommy Blade is what got me hooked. Tommy Blade I heart you!!! Anyway, if this clip got you off as much as it did me, then I’m sure you’d love Rocket Tube’s Blog…but don’t forget about mine!

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6 Comments to “Rocket Tube”

  1. husz says:

    dude.. great fucking blog u got here..

    its hot AND hilarious..

    and u guys are sooo like fucking hot and loving .. romantic.. if u know ..ah fuckit .. dunno how to say it

  2. Anonymous says:

    I LOOOVVVE Tommy Blade. Hot.

  3. milotjuh says:

    Tommy Blade, yes please!

  4. Anonymous says:

    ur link in the rockettube banner is wrong "htp:" –> "http:"

  5. Anonymous says:

    Very hot. Which just reminds me that we’re still waiting to see you test drive your newest dildo. That would be steamy too!

  6. My Invincible life says:

    what a fucking great blog you made dude!
    love to visit ur blog.
    nice job!

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