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Some days…

… you just want to sit on the couch and hold on to the most important person of your life. This is one of those days. I’m so grateful I have him next to me in the crazy world/times we live in. 18 years now and I wouldn’t trade him for anyone. When you find that person, never let that person go. Now back to watching and crying to Soundtrack on Netflix 😭.


Late Night Cravings…

I’ve been having a hostess cupcake and a glass of milk every night around 1-2am. They’re just Oh-So-Yummy!

Pooh usually craves a vanilla cone from McDonalds so we’d drive late to one that’s open 24hrs…just to get that soft served goodness. We usually walk to Ralphs nearby to get a tub of ice cream when I’m too lazy to drive.

What does your tummy crave late at night?


Beach Day

It was a beautiful day to splash around at the beach! Pooh and I spent the day enjoying the sun, riding the waves, and walking the boardwalk at Mission Beach. Unfortunately, Pooh and I didn’t take any pictures since I left my phone in the car. It was pretty crowded since today was a holiday. Pooh and I are normally off on Sundays and Mondays, so it was just a normal weekend for us.

Random Thought:

I’ve recently got hooked on a cute little myspace app called Super Pets.

For those of you on myspace, give my pet a hug so I can buy it some gear! I earn money for my little guy whenever someone gives it a hug.


New Toy!

…and it’s not electronic!

For those of you that don’t know already. I’m an artist. I love to paint, draw, and all that good stuff. One of my most favorite thing to do is Calligraphy. I’ve always been fascinated by typography, lettering, fancy handwriting, and “graffiti” ever since I was a kid. I was also into poetry so calligraphy and poetry went together nicely. When I was in junior high and high school I’d always be giving my friends fake tattoos. Anyway, aside from collecting Greygoose bottles and electronic gadgets, I also collect incredible writing instruments. This piece is the latest addition to my collection :) I’ve been wanting one of these for so long but never got it because it’s extremely expensive. I have several fountain pens but none as handsome as this one. This is a pen I definitely wouldn’t let anyone borrow :)

Mont Blanc MeisterstĂŒck Solitaire DouĂ© Signum Classique Medium Point Fountain Pen
Fountain pen with piston converter, 18 K gold nib with platinum inlay, special design features Montblanc star logo engraved on black precious resin, platinum-plated cap inlaid with Montblanc white star, platinum-plated clip and rings. MSRP $790.00
Mont Blanc Ink bottle $11.90
(I take it the store isn’t relying on the ink to make their money…)

Each Pen is engraved with a unique identification number. ooOoooOh….

Piston converter to pump ink instead of having to use cartridges although cartridges can be used as well. aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh….

Pooh wanted to model the pen for my blog…I think Mont Blanc should hire him. Don’t you?

Anyway, I am sure many of my readers probably aren’t as fascinated with the specs on a pen as much as I am. I just thought I’d share one of my random interests with you guys. :)


Random Shots

I thought I’d share some random self shots. I was trying to be…mysterious. LOL. It didn’t quite work out that well. There’s more but my laptop’s been acting buggy lately. It’s running extremely slow for some reason. Anyway, it takes forever to convert these RAW files into JPEG so I’ll post the rest later. Here’s a few for now. :)


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