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Highlights In The Bay!

Pooh and I were performing in David Ross’s Project at an event called World of Dance. We packed our bags and headed to San Francisco.

…but first, a pit stop at The Abbey in West Hollywood!

I ran into my best friend Lance Bass…yea, we’re tight like that. :)


We also ran into a bunch of familiar faces! Hey…shouldn’t you guys be in San Diego?!

This seems to be the only picture I have at the event. Darn…I’ll try to get video of the performance as soon as the DVD comes out. Did anyone happen to be at the World of Dance event?

Wuhoo! I got to hang out with my bbf! (Best Bud Forever)

We went to Transfer in Castro. Got drunk…really drunk.

Check-out time.

Feels like we should be in front of a fire place wearing tacky holiday sweaters.


Alright…time to shop at Haight St in SF!

Lunch at Siam Lotus…it was…good. (::whispers:: Amarin’s better)


It brings the gay out of you…

really gay… :) Fun!

I love the weather in SF.

My friend didn’t know how to use my Nikon D-80. I still like these pics tho!

Time to say goodbye to BBF :(

Well it was an awesome trip! I wish I can do again soon. BBF’s bday is this friday and he’ll be visiting SD. I can’t wait!


Huge Flickr Upload!

I’ve just posted 200+ new photos to my flickr page. They’ve been divided into 2 sets: Weekend In Da Bay! & Weekend in LA!.

I’ve posted some highlights from our LA trip below :)
(not in chronological order)

Rage with Floro, Joana, and Ronolo. Hmm…Where’d Jo and Ronolo go?

Drunk time at The Abbey in West Hollywood

Lol…drunk times after the Abbey…

Dinner at Furaibo! Yummy Japanese Food!!! I love Japanese restaurants that have floor seating.

First time having Peruvian food at Marios. Explosive flavors! I can’t wait to have it again.

Shopping at Americana and the Glendale Galleria…LOVED IT!!!

Got wasted at The Arena…Unfortunately, I didn’t have such a great night.

Despite having a horrible night at The Arena, it was still an awesome weekend. It was definitely a much needed mini vacation. One of these days I’m going to request a full week vacation or something.


Mini Vacation

Hey blog buddies! Pooh and I were in desperate need of a little getaway so we packed our bags and headed to Los Angeles to party with our friends the whole weekend. We were supposed to go to San Francisco on saturday but something came up. It worked out nicely that our friend Floro had the weekend off and let us stay at his place. We partied friday night at Rage. Saturday night we went to The Arena. We’re here friday till monday so we still have today and tomorrow to have fun. We’re spending most of today doing one of my favorite things – shopping! I’ll go more into detail when I get back. I’ll try to blog with my phone when I can. I’m blogging with my phone while I wait in this huge line at Urban Outfitters at Americana. It’s such a beautiful day today! Anyway, I hope everyone is having a great weekend too!


It’s 2:32pm and I just woke up. I had to call in sick today because I woke up with the most horrible body aches and fever. I’m hoping this doesn’t ruin our plans to go to San Francisco this weekend on the 20th. ::crosses fingers::


Random Image of The Day

I haven’t really been taking any pictures of myself lately. Thought I’d post one that I took this morning. Someone mentioned that there seems to be a bit of sadness in most of my recent pictures. That might be it…or maybe it’s just my face. :)


Are you a Fan?

I’ve added a gadget to my blog located on the left hand side. If you’re a fan of my blog and own a blog yourself…please add yourself to the list. This will help me in editing my blog buddy list :) Thanks!

Here’s some random images from this weekend’s trip to the hole.

Four different guys randomly decided to whip out their penises and flash me. It was awesome. :)


Rocket Tube

As many of you know, I don’t post porn much. When I do, it’s usually something that I really like and wanted to share.

I recently received an email from RocketAndy, the webmaster from, asking if I’d like to exchange links with their site’s blog and mine. I was very happy to hear that he “loved” my blog. It’s always a great feeling to receive compliments from other sites and bloggers.

I checked out Rocket Tube’s site/blog and I really liked what I saw. Rocket Tube has a great collection of uploaded video clips that will definitely keep you “up” all night. It’s a porn blog but there’s lots of great content. The layout is clean and user friendly. From what I was told, the site has only been up and running for a couple months but it seems their members are growing (no pun intended) and they seem to be doing well. It seems there are some areas that are currently in progress (like the Channels tab) but I look forward to seeing what new things they’ll come up with. RocketAndy asked me if I’d want to post some video’s of myself, but although I feel comfortable posting nude images of myself I’m not quite sure if I’m ready to post any videos. :)

The following is from Rocket Tube’s blog. It really caught my eye…really.

I think his post on Tommy Blade is what got me hooked. Tommy Blade I heart you!!! Anyway, if this clip got you off as much as it did me, then I’m sure you’d love Rocket Tube’s Blog…but don’t forget about mine!


Random Thought

I’m having a peanut cutter and jelly sandwich for lunch at work today. Why is it that sandwiches only taste good when someone else makes it for you?

Crazy Days

This weekend was bizzare…

My “X” came down to visit me this weekend. He partied with me and my friends Saturday night and all Sunday. Pooh and him were getting along…


I’ll expatiate in my next post. Right now I’m going to have Dim Sum with Pooh, David, and Flo!


Out n About PT 2

Thursday night:

Pooh and I went with some friends to The Keating in Downtown. Pooh and I have been wanting to get a room for a weekend at The Keating. Hopefully we’ll get to try it soon!

It was pretty awesome!


The beautiful SPINDERELLA was spinning at the club. She’s awesome!

It was a “straight” event so Pooh had plenty ladies on him. He’s quite the ladies’ man. I’m much too shy…with guys and girls.


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