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Pooh and I recently went to Liuyishou for dinner a few days ago. We might have ordered too much food. 😅

We got a half n half broth, a giant beef and lamb platter thing, shrimp, fried chinese donut w/shrimp paste (I didn’t care much for it), cabbage, and 2 bowls of rice. They also have a sauce bar with a bunch of sauces and “appetizers” but you have to pay for it. We got the sauce bar as well but I honestly think it should come free with the meal. After all the food came out we realized we ordered a bit too much, but I still think the place is a bit expensive.

The food was delicious but there are other places very similar that aren’t as pricey. For the 2 of us, our bill came out to $90something after tip. Despite the price we did enjoy our meal, the service was great, and I think we’d come back again very soon. We probably just won’t order as much as we did. 😂😂😂



It was a beautiful day in San Diego on Monday so we wanted to go somewhere to eat that had nice outdoor seating and delicious food; I was also craving Eggs! There’s a new spot in Little Italy called Morning Glory that elevates eggs takes brunch to a whole new level and experience. Aside from the visually stunning decor and interior, the food is also beautifully presented and taste just as good as they look. I’m not too into breakfast food but I loved everything that we ordered!

Pooh and I ordered a bunch of stuff and just shared everything. I was excited to see that they had alcoholic boba drinks so of course I had to have one.

We started with the Egg Salad sandwich. It was so simple yet “simply scrimptulescent”. So soft and creamy…like an eggy cloud of yummy goodness. I loved it.

We also had the Eggs Benedict. I love a place that can perfectly poach their eggs and the sauce was so good! I also loved that they were huge and stacked with ham. 😁😁😁

The Morning Glory Fried rice was also bomb. I mean, fried rice w/ eggs….fuck yea. 😏😏😏 I love sunny side up eggs!

We don’t normally order dessert but since we were having brunch…we figured we’d try their famous Souffle Pancakes. They were AMAZING. I would totally come back just for the pancakes. DEFINITELY A MUST TRY!


Dinner w/ Tigz n Pooh!

Pooh and I made Kare Kare for dinner the other night. We haven’t made it before so we were excited when we found these little dinner packs at Seafood City. It had most of what you need to make it but we still got a couple things to make it taste a little more like what we had at home when we were younger. It also doesn’t come with peanut butter and bagoong. I like my sauce hella thick so we put hella peanut butter in there. Yumz!

While we we were at it, we picked up stuff to make Halo-halo. Perfect way to end such a delicious meal! (I prefer my halo-halo with just ube and gulaman…Pooh like it with everything in it.)


New Korean Spot In Fashion Valley Mall

Pooh and I pretty much stayed in all weekend since I wasn’t feeling well. I’ve been having migraines all week and so this weekend I kind of wanted to just chill and lay down most of the time.

Saturday night a few friends came over for some drinks after work and we called it an early night.

On Sunday we spent the entire day as couch potatoes watching show after show on Netflix and some movies in between. I fell asleep somewhere during. lol.

Monday we decided to get some fresh air and be somewhat productive. We leave for New York on Wednesday morning so we had to pack and get our house nice and tidy for our house/dog sitter. We also wanted to do some shopping so we got some cute outfits for our trip. 😁 We didn’t go overboard since we figured we’ll do shopping when we’re at New York, but there was a sale at Top Man so we picked up a few things. lol.

While we were at Fashion Valley Mall we decided to grab lunch at a new Korean spot called Bibigo Kitchen. Although it’s not quite authentic Korean food, I’d say more like modern Korean inspired, the flavors were very good and the plating/presentation was very pleasing to the eye. The seasonal fruit kimchi salad was so refreshing and flavorful. I should of snapped a photo of Pooh’s food because it looked really good too.

We also ordered a sampler platter of their dumplings….which were absolutely delicous. I loved that they had a crispy sear on the bottom and yet a soft texture on the top part. Some places cook them too much to the point where they’re rubbery or dry These were perfect! I wish I ordered more! The photo of the dumplings above doesn’t do em justice at all.

We were a bit disappointed because we wanted to order some alcohol but they said they were still waiting for their liquor license. Womp womp. We’ll back to try some of their alcohol filled drinks though!



It’s Pooh’s birthday today!

Unfortunately, both Pooh and I had a very a pretty horrible cold so we stayed in all weekend. We’re off on Mondays and we both felt better so I took Pooh out to celebrate his birthday. We watched Wine Country on Netflix over the weekend (which was hilarious!) so I thought it’d be great to take a trip to Temecula and go wine tasting. It was such a beautiful day so the drive was nice, and the wineries were pretty much empty since it was a Monday. We had so much fun hanging out n getting buzzed off wine lol.

After hitting up about 3 wineries we went to Pechanga to gamble a bit. Prolly wasn’t a good idea since we didn’t win and we lost a couple hundred but we had fun.

For dinner, Pooh wanted to have Japanese BBQ so we went to Gyukaku. For how much we ordered we might as well have gotten the All-You-Can-Eat meals. I kept saying I was full and couldn’t eat anymore, but why did I order more meats when the waitress asked if we wanted anything else?? Also, the jumbo sake that we ordered felt like it was never ending!

I hope you had an amazing Bday weekend Pooh! Love you!



Pooh and I decided to try something new this weekend. We went to Woomiok in Clairemont to try their Bone Broth soup. We ordered a seafood pancake to start and Pooh got the Kimchi Beef Bulgogi hot pot. I ordered the Spicy Bone Broth with Brisket, which was delicious, but I think I should of ordered the regular one so I could drink all of the soup. Although the broth to the Spicy one was delicious, I don’t think I can eat all of that spicy broth without any repercussions.

Surprisingly the seafood pancake was my favorite of the 3 things we got. There were plenty of pieces of seafood and I liked the crispness since it came out on a hot skillet. It also came with a yummy spicy dipping sauce.

Bulgogi was good too, but it was bulgogi…so nothing I haven’t tried before. The kimchi made the rice and everything taste really good though. The sweetness of the Bulgogi went really well with the sour and spice of the Kimchi.

I recommend checking the place out. There’s a couple dishes I still wanna try out so we’ll definitely be stopping by again soon. 😁



Sorry I’ve been MIA!  My WordPress App on my phone didn’t seem to let me upload photos directly from my phone to WordPress (It still doesn’t), so I haven’t been able to post much.  I’m not sure what it is; could possibly be because my M8 takes huge photos and it will not upload via my App…but it allows me to upload my photos to my Google Photos/Picasa, and then share from my Picasa to my WordPress App Media Files, and then from there I can add my media files to my posts.  Its so many frikkin steps just to post right now it’s annoying.  I’ve also been quite a busy boy because of EDC in Vegas, moving to a new place the week after, 4th of july, and another trip to Vegas this past week.  I’ll be posting about all these things since I have so many pictures!

Anyway, a couple weeks ago Pooh and I went to Del Mar Fair with our buddy David.  We had so much fun and ate so much deep fried disgustingly bad for you food…it was amazing!

I really just wanted to go for the Turkey Leggs…but I had that and a root beer float, a banana split, grilled corn, fried twinkies, a waffle dog, italian sausage, and a swirl potato thing.  I was still afterwards!  I love fair food…so happy Pride SD is coming up.  All these food stands are usually there!


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I’m gonna be 1 year older this weekend!  I’m very happy to be in good health, in an amazing relationship, and have a stable income.  I can feel myself getting stronger both physically and mentally.  I think I’m in a good place…I’ve got everything I need and want; I’m happy.

I’m gonna be celebrating in LA this weekend (Friday through Sunday.)  We booked a nice fancy shmancy room at the SLS, made dinner reservations at Hakkasan Beverly Hills, and will be raging the bars of West Hollywood.  I can’t wait!


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