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Vegas Business Trip uploaded

So I’ve been meaning to blog about my business trip to Vegas, but I’ve been procrastinating. It’s a LOT of images! I’ve uploaded the images to my flickr and can be viewed here. Enjoy!


Weekend Recap

Don’t worry guys…I’m alive :)

Pooh and I have been going out every night for the past week so I haven’t been able to get in some nice blogging time. Pooh and I are starting to get worn out so I think we’ll be taking our crazy nights down a notch. I don’t know how Lohen does it – crazy partying and drinking every night and still being able to get up the next morning to flash her firecrotch to the paparazzi.

Anyway, some images from our wild escapades (they’re an accumulation from the past 4 nights and in not in any particular order)…

Pooh’s bros :)…well not really…but his bald bros…

2 large bottles of Southern Comfort, 1 Blueberry Stoli, 1 Jager, 2 greygoose, and a bottle of cheap vodka…We ran out pretty quick =X

that night was a blur…

Pooh and some of his bald bros

Yea…so Pooh was really drunk that night.

Tonight we decided to just stay in and watch a movie at home. Tribal came over to hang out with us. We made smoothies! We went to Target to get some snacking essentials – popcorn, juice, chips, etc. Pooh and Tribal made friends with our cashier. She was a nice little old lady with a mohawk. She gave them Target sticker handle head bands…random.


Pushing Daisies

I love it!!!!

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Wedding Day!!!

Silly…Not ours :)

Pooh and I recently attended our friends’ wedding.

It was a beautiful ceremony at the beach. It was raining earlier in the day but fortunately the sun was shining and the rain stopped before the ceremony started. It was excellent for picture taking because the sun shone through the clouds in a heavenly array. It was a magnificent sight to see!

They rented a beach house for the reception. Everything was sooooo sweet and beautiful!!!! I’m such a sap for romance. ::sigh::

Pooh and I are extremely happy for our friends on their marriage. I couldn’t help but think about our relationship and the 6 years we’ve been together. I love my Pooh and know we’ll be together forever :) I know, it’s cliche to say “forever”, but it’s true. We’ve been best friends for 2 years before we started dating…and now this October 31st, 2007 we’ll celebrate our 6th year anniversary. We’ve gone through so much together and I am so happy to be able to experience everything with Pooh. I love that we both share the same fervor for life, food, dancing, art, music…everything! We’ve been through some pretty rough times and have also shared many precious moments. Part of the reason why I wanted to create this blog is because I wanted to record as many moments in my life (I call them “digital memories”…random as they may be) as well as share with the world my love for Pooh and the wonderful experiences we enjoy together. Despite how low and and bad things may be…Pooh is always there for me. He’s my helping hand, my shoulder to lean on, my comforting embrace, and my soul to confide in.

The next night, Pooh and I went to La Jolla beach to spend some special alone time together. I played some music on my phone (k800i is an excellent music player btw!) and we slow danced while the waves crashed against the shore. It was truly a special moment.

I love this last picture. It is my most favorite “digital memory”. I love it because at that moment, being in Pooh’s arms…we were the only 2 people in the universe.


New Haircut :)

I got a new Haircut :) Yay!

I also figured, since I got a new haircut…I guess I should get a new outfit! ;)

I guess I got a little trigger happy. :)


Monday morning

Pooh and I went to the DMV. Pooh had to get a new ID because he lost his wallet last Thursday when were out and drunk. I always felt like yelling bingo. I think they should hand out bingo cards to people waiting. It takes forever… Might as well make it fun :)

We had breakfast at Starbucks. Pooh always gets the reduced fat turkey bacon sandwich and a grande iced coffee. I always get a toasted cheese danish and a double shot. Yum!


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