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I just wanted to post quick post before I head to work.

Happy 6th Year Anniversary Pooh!

I love you! :)

And also,



Image Archives

I was looking through some old images and I ran across this old collage of Pooh and I. I think it was from 2005. :) I’m thinking Pooh and I definitely should make a more updated version!

Our anniversary will be coming up soon. I’m not quite sure what exactly we’ll be doing to celebrate, but we might have dinner at George’s At The Cove in La Jolla. We usually spend our Anniversary enjoying a nice dinner. It’s kind of strange fine dining on Halloween but I like it!

Deja Vu…

It seems like yesterday,

San Diego on Fire

On October 25th, 2003 a small brush fire near Ramona began its devastating journey that within a week, and in combination with two other major fires in the County at the same time, would become the largest in California history – known as F i r e s t o r m 2003.

Recently, fires started again in San Diego. Today, the fires still burn and cloud the sky with ash. The night sky bears a distant brooding gloom that silences the city. I can’t help but wonder how long it’ll last.

A friend from Long Beach called me, to ask if Pooh and I were ok. Fortunately, our home is far from the fires, but there are fires to the north, the east, and to the south. One can’t help but feel trapped…


Random Tiggah Tidbit

I was thinking about my blog today, and I noticed that my blog isn’t as random as I’d like it to be. I know a lot of you have been curious to know more about me and so I’ve created a series called “Random Tiggah Tidbit” – each week I’ll share a random fact about myself, and I’ll try to make it something that people normally wouldn’t know.

This week’s Random Tiggah Tidbit is:

I’m Ambidextrous!

When I was little I was left-handed. My parents, being superstitious old-fashioned filipino, would force me to switch my writing utensil or whatever it was I was doing from my left hand to my right. I honestly don’t remember why…but if you happen to know, please comment and enlighten me. :) Strangely, I am able to do things equally well with both hands, although, I do have a preference with certain things just because I’ve grown accustom to it; ie I normally throw with my right, bat/golf with my left, kick with my right, bowl with my left, write with both, jack off with both (lol), I use chopsticks and eat with my left, I can’t think of anything else…I don’t know, I’m random. Anyway, that’s my random tidbit of the week! I’ll also follow each random tidbit with a random image(s) :)

(Image Source: archive image – found in my Private Collection)


Dessert at Red Berry

Pooh wanted something sweet after lunch so we went to Red Berry on Convoy. I couldn’t have any because I can’t have too much dairy :( I love Red Berry’s interior! I’m blogging with my k800i so I can only post one image. I’ll add more when I get home. :)


Lunch At Tofu House



Popcorn Shots

Pooh and Tribal seem to have the strangest ideas for chasing their shots whenever we run out of low-carb Rockstar to chase our vodka. Last time, Whipped Cream; this time, Popcorn. What’s next!?

We followed our Popcorn Shots with a night out at numbers.

What creative chasers can you come up with?


Hooray for Paint!

I haven’t painted in a long time. I haven’t had any time to tidy up our garage and turn it into my painting studio. I really need to put an end to my procrastination. I felt like painting yesterday so I thought I’d mess around for half an hour while we waited for our friend Tribal to get out of work and come over for dinner – we had Church’s Chicken…omg soooo bad but yet soooo good!

I’m a bit rusty but it was fun :)

Untitled – Oil on Canvas (30 min, incomplete)


Big breakfast at brian’s

Pooh tribal and i are eating breakfast at Brian’s. It’s a big breakfast! Yum!


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