Weekend Recap

Don’t worry guys…I’m alive :)

Pooh and I have been going out every night for the past week so I haven’t been able to get in some nice blogging time. Pooh and I are starting to get worn out so I think we’ll be taking our crazy nights down a notch. I don’t know how Lohen does it – crazy partying and drinking every night and still being able to get up the next morning to flash her firecrotch to the paparazzi.

Anyway, some images from our wild escapades (they’re an accumulation from the past 4 nights and in not in any particular order)…

Pooh’s bros :)…well not really…but his bald bros…

2 large bottles of Southern Comfort, 1 Blueberry Stoli, 1 Jager, 2 greygoose, and a bottle of cheap vodka…We ran out pretty quick =X

that night was a blur…

Pooh and some of his bald bros

Yea…so Pooh was really drunk that night.

Tonight we decided to just stay in and watch a movie at home. Tribal came over to hang out with us. We made smoothies! We went to Target to get some snacking essentials – popcorn, juice, chips, etc. Pooh and Tribal made friends with our cashier. She was a nice little old lady with a mohawk. She gave them Target sticker handle head bands…random.

  • depot
    October 9, 2007

    hi tiggz and pooh,
    hope u both are in a healthy condition with almost everyday partying.

    have quite missed ur blogging huh!

    just wanna ask if you have friendster account or maybe ur email add so we can add you both.

    i’ll wait for your response here..

    1 of ur fan,

    October 9, 2007

    looks like you guys…. really had fun…. nice to see you and pooh again….

    keep blogging…. i will always be your fan….


  • DR.NOBEL@berkeley
    October 9, 2007

    Finally, you have “resurrected”.

    So happy to hear from you guys after that long hiatus.

    Indeed, both of you are real party-animals.

    Partying every night as if there’s no tomorrow… “Grabe na talaga kayo” (Tagalog ito! hehehe)…

    Stay happy and Randomly CRAZY… :)

    October 15, 2007

    hi… just want to say ‘you guys are such party animals’… and i love it… loving the way you live your life…

    been your avid reader since old… hehehe! keep rockin…