Popcorn Shots

Pooh and Tribal seem to have the strangest ideas for chasing their shots whenever we run out of low-carb Rockstar to chase our vodka. Last time, Whipped Cream; this time, Popcorn. What’s next!?

We followed our Popcorn Shots with a night out at numbers.

What creative chasers can you come up with?

  • Anonymous
    October 16, 2007

    Well I see u use the good stuff,..yeah for Grey Goose,..I try and keep a L’Orange and a Lemon around all the time,..and then Pravada ( spelling) for straight drinking he clear stuff and Asombroso Tequila for those types of shots,..but I just about alwasy drink it over ice or mixed. but for a chaiser,..lol u know,..for the Orange a small orange flavored bit of whiped cream would be marvelous,..go to Williams & Sanoma and get an ISN whip cream thing and u can have fresh whipped cream any time,..just buy the flavored torini or gormet flavored syrups,..and u can have any flavor u want any time,..and they are easy to use and everyone LOVES them- good luck!
    Ken – From South OC

  • robbie
    October 20, 2007

    candy corn!