I just wanted to do a quick mobile post and say that I miss you guys!  I haven’t been home much to be able to post. 

If you really wanna know what I’m up to, be sure to follow me on twitter since I update it a lot.  If you don’t have twitter just look to the side bar on the right.

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4 Comments to “MISS YOU GUYS!”

  1. Isaac says:

    I think i saw you @ Club Asia last night.
    Not 100% sure since it’s different from seeing someone’s pic to seeing them in person, but I was almost certain it was you :)

    Hope you had fun!!! :D

  2. Isaac says:

    ahh bummer i shoulda said Hi!!!

    I was soooooooo nervous…like getting wet feet when it came time to actually say something :/

    I guess i didn’t wanna ruin the fun of just being an online admirer of you/ur writing/photos…my legs wouldn’t move when i saw you dancing around the floor

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