It’s been a while since Pooh and I had a random trip to LA. Our friends Kelly and Suki moved back up to LA this weekend so we thought we’d go up and party with them. It took me forever to upload my pics so I’m just linking them from facebook.

We left San Diego on Sunday, but before we hit the road, we had lunch at Mo’s.

I had Bacon Eggs Benedict with a side of fries and a side of bacon :)

Sunday night we went to Fiesta Cantina, Mickey’s, and The Abbey. I don’t have very many pics of our night out unfortunately. I was much too drunk to take any pictures.

I did get to take pictures when I sobered up at BCD’s Tofu House though. Pooh had a little too much to drink :X


Monday morning we dragged ourselves out of bed and had brunch at Porto’s Bakery & Cafe. I absolutely love this place!

Pooh David and I decided to enjoy the rest of the day since we didn’t have any plans. First, one last hurrah at Fiesta Cantina in West Hollywood.

We made a random trip to the Observatory at Griffith Park. I haven’t been there since the 6th grade!

After burning in the sun for a while, we thought we’d take David to Little Tokyo since he’s never been there.


We got hungry so we went to Daikokuya. I got a Tsukemen Combination w/ a bbq pork rice bowl. It’s basically a deconstructed Ramen…and is frikkin amaze balls!

After demolishing my girlish figure, we did a little shopping. David and I picked up some dorky glasses. Pooh picked up a cool camera phone lens attachment that does a blur effect.

I thought I’d test out a new app on my phone that edits photo’s…I like!

It was a fun weekend! I’ve been over working myself lately since I’ve been rehearsing for a performance each night after work. I’m performing for a show in September for Make A Wish Foundation – I’ll expatiate in a later post. Anyway, this LA trip was a nice little mini vacation. It felt like we were gone for a week! BTW, if you are wondering where our buddy Flo was…he had work on Monday so he didn’t get to join us.

I just realized that it’s been a while since I was able to do a post like this. I miss it!

  • Mike
    August 24, 2010

    The eggs benedict looked amazing!

  • Hazen
    August 24, 2010

    Very interesting comments about how you guys have taken David under your wing :-)

    Methinks it is just a matter of time until you guys have a kid to help to adulthood.