It’s Pooh’s birthday this Friday (May 14th) and I’m not quite sure what to do. He hates attention and doesn’t like it when I throw him birthday parties. I always think that it’s him saying “don’t do anything for my birthday” and on the inside he really wants me to…but he actually really doesn’t like it haha. He’s a shy guy and doesn’t like being put on the spot. I’m going to take him out for a nice dinner but it’s hard to pick a place because he’s on a low carb diet at the moment. I really want to do something special for him since he’s always so sweet to me and gave me the most awesome birthday ever! Hopefully I’ll be able to make it a great birthday for him. Wish me luck!

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6 Comments to “POOHBURR’S BDAY!”

  1. elvin says:

    y’know, I read about your life and how you guys celebrate stuff by going on fancy dinners, getting expensive gadgets and basically spending money. It’s fine, I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with that if it’s what you enjoy but having money stifles creativity. Try to remember old fashion low-budget romance?

    Sometimes, the sweetest thing you can do for your significant other doesn’t have to be “the more money you spend, the bigger the love is”. How about making him a card? Putting together a picture album by hand of your favourite moments? making a time capsule of how you met, how you romanced each other etc. Drawing him something? Reliving your first official date? making a music video for him with whatever you have on hand lol.

  2. Eemran says:

    Try Bungee jump guys!

  3. erik says:

    goodluck!!the fact that you’re having a hard time thinking what to do for his birthday means a lot already..

  4. elvin says:

    I was just joking think guys should spend time

  5. Eemran says:

    Prosperity forever to you both!

  6. elmer0224 says:

    Happy Birthday Pooh!

    You’re so lucky to have one another. I admire you guys!

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