Thank you for being loyal subscribers. For those of you that are familiar with Onlyfans, some creators use PPV for their content. We usually DON’T have PPV on our content. However, we only apply PPV, when we collab with one of those creators that requests that we do ours as PPV as well. The reasoning is so that it’s fair, and so that their subscribers don’t leave them because ours would be way cheaper.

As a thank you to my loyal website subscribers and fans of my blog, we do NOT apply PPV on ALL of our content within It’s not something that we want to promote on our Twitter and is mostly just a thank you for people that actually visit my website and have subscribed. I’ve had this “blog” for so long and I’m so happy to see that people visit it. I hope you guys enjoy our content. We really appreciate you guys. 🥰❤️🫶

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