Pooh and I went to Long Beach Pride (2010) this past weekend. We were supposed to go with our friends Suki and Kelly to meet up with our bud Flo, but our lady friends were unable to make it. We all had an amazing time! We went out in West Hollywood on Saturday night and went to the Pride festival in Long Beach on Sunday. I love going up to see our buddy Flo because it always feels like a week long vacation in just the 2 days that we visit.

It was unfortunate that our cell phones were unable to get any reception. We couldn’t get a hold of our friends to meet up. (Gian, you’re phone sucks for dying on us…we didn’t get to see you!!!) Some highlights from LB Pride in a nut shell was drinking in our car parked in front of California Pizza Kitchen, dancing for our lives at the Hip Hop stage, watching the hot Go-Go boy pop out of his undies for a long time before he noticed he was letting it all hang loose, and then having All-U-Can-Eat Korean BBQ in Korea Town. It was an awesome time! Thanks Flo for the fun!

  • Justin @optimistrejoice
    May 21, 2010

    You guys look great! Ongina Morgan and Raven look great! i love it..i must say you and pooh seem like the most normal ppl from cali…is it a san diego thing maybe? ive met some seriously deranged ppl from cali…mainly LA and Nocal tho>_>

  • Tribeca
    June 7, 2010

    Was Pooh the guy in black briefs?