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I finally uploaded the pics from our Vegas trip! Y’know…to be honest…the whole frikkin weekend was a blur. I was drunk off my mind the entire time we were there so I’ll just let the pictures speak for themselves and hopefully you can make more sense of them than I can. All I know, is that it felt like we were there for a week and we had the most AMAZING time EVERrrrrrrrrrthatweekend! :)

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Pooh and I had a nice romantic 1 on 1 day for his birthday. After work I took him out to dinner at Avenue 5. It’s a sophisticated restaurant on Fifth Avenue near Balboa Park. The food was incredible! Our co-workers highly recommended the place so we’ve been wanting to check it out for some time now. It kind of felt a little awkward at first because it seemed as though the place was for a much older crowd, but we still enjoyed ourselves. We started with some cocktails, Truffle Fries, and Foie Gras (I’m sorry! I didn’t know exactly what it was until my co-worker told me the next day. I heard of it from Food Network but they never talked about how it’s made!) Pooh had the Duck Confit and I had the Soft Shell Crab. I absolutely loved everything, but most importantly, so did Pooh! He’s just as excited about great food as I am. He told me that he didn’t really want to have a “big to do” for his birthday and just wanted to spend some quality alone time with me. (He’s so sweet!) So I planned for it to be just the two of us all night. For dessert they gave him a Chocolate Decadence….mmmm yummy!

After our incredible dinner, I took Pooh home so I could surprise him with my gifts! As he was changing, I quickly lit a bunch of candles in our living room as well as one atop an Irish Angel cake from Heaven Sent Desserts. He came out of the bedroom with the biggest smile! He was very surprised and wondered where I hid the cake. (Instead of teaching my dance class on Thursday, I used the time to get a cake, his present, and make reservations at Avenue 5. I hid the cake in the back seat of our car because he never looks back there. Since it was at night, I figured that I could leave it there till morning and then put it in the fridge at work, then put it back into the car before we headed to dinner!) After he blew out his candle, I then reached for another surprise and handed him his present. I got him work out gloves since Gizmo chewed up his old pair. I was going to get him weights but I didn’t know which ones he wanted so I told him we’d get them together. He was very happy and delighted with his birthday gift because it was something that he needed and I put a lot of thought into it. We enjoyed drinks and dessert the rest of the night and watched TV together. I loved every second of it :)



Pooh and I went to Long Beach Pride (2010) this past weekend. We were supposed to go with our friends Suki and Kelly to meet up with our bud Flo, but our lady friends were unable to make it. We all had an amazing time! We went out in West Hollywood on Saturday night and went to the Pride festival in Long Beach on Sunday. I love going up to see our buddy Flo because it always feels like a week long vacation in just the 2 days that we visit.

It was unfortunate that our cell phones were unable to get any reception. We couldn’t get a hold of our friends to meet up. (Gian, you’re phone sucks for dying on us…we didn’t get to see you!!!) Some highlights from LB Pride in a nut shell was drinking in our car parked in front of California Pizza Kitchen, dancing for our lives at the Hip Hop stage, watching the hot Go-Go boy pop out of his undies for a long time before he noticed he was letting it all hang loose, and then having All-U-Can-Eat Korean BBQ in Korea Town. It was an awesome time! Thanks Flo for the fun!



It’s Pooh’s birthday this Friday (May 14th) and I’m not quite sure what to do. He hates attention and doesn’t like it when I throw him birthday parties. I always think that it’s him saying “don’t do anything for my birthday” and on the inside he really wants me to…but he actually really doesn’t like it haha. He’s a shy guy and doesn’t like being put on the spot. I’m going to take him out for a nice dinner but it’s hard to pick a place because he’s on a low carb diet at the moment. I really want to do something special for him since he’s always so sweet to me and gave me the most awesome birthday ever! Hopefully I’ll be able to make it a great birthday for him. Wish me luck!



So I’ve been kind of on and off with my work outs. On the bright side, this is the longest I’ve actually stuck to it! I’ve still been working out weekly but not as often throughout the week as I’d like. I can’t make any excuses or anything since it’s on me whether or not I want to cram in the time, but damn I wish I had extra time. Anyway, I have no idea what week I’m on now but I thought I’d post some recent pics that I took with my webcam. I could just go and look at my last post on my progress but I’m too damn lazy. :P



Someone want to upload all 300+ pictures from my camera and upload them to my blog for me? Thanks!



I partied way too hard in Vegas…really really hard. :/



Pooh and I had the most amazing weekend! We went to Las Vegas with our friends Kelly and Suki to just get away and enjoy ourselves since work has been stressing me out lately. It felt like we were there for a week! We did soooooooooo much and it was great to have our buddy Gian, who happens to live in Vegas, to show us around. I’ll be posting about our fabulous weekend getaway soon. Some highlights include club hopping Saturday night, meeting the beautiful Jujubee from Ru Paul’s Drag Race at Krave on Sunday night, getting mad crazy drunk, and shopping! :) Good times!


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