I finally uploaded the pics from our Vegas trip! Y’know…to be honest…the whole frikkin weekend was a blur. I was drunk off my mind the entire time we were there so I’ll just let the pictures speak for themselves and hopefully you can make more sense of them than I can. All I know, is that it felt like we were there for a week and we had the most AMAZING time EVERrrrrrrrrrthatweekend! :)

Click the following link to see the full gallery (130+ images)

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4 Comments to “VEGAS PRIDE 2010 WEEKEND”

  1. Justin @optimistrejoice says:

    OMG jujubee! i absolutely adore her! im sure she was a blast. the pics are too cute and too funny!

  2. Dhon says:

    :) nice pics! looks like fun!

  3. jon says:

    Jujubee! love her! where are those dinosaurs from?

  4. Rosa says:

    Wow, i love those adorable doggy.

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