Many of you might remember that my Flickr account was deleted because some of my images had watermarks. I was heartbroken because ALL of my digital memories were stored on my Flickr account. Luckily, I had a majority of my images on an external hard drive, however not all of them were backed up. Although I was disappointed with the outcome, I’ve always missed the ease of blogging with Flickr and the many things you can do with it. I tried Picasa but it just isn’t the same. I guess I just prefer Flickr’s clean interface and seamless 3rd party aggregation. The positive side of this all, however, was that it pushed me to create this site.

I decided to give Flickr another chance and hopefully I don’t get my account deleted again. This time I’ll be sure not to post any images with watermarks…just to be safe.

It’s pretty late and I need to sleep so I haven’t uploaded anything yet. Feel free to add me as a contact if you’d like. :) The more the merrier! Unfortunately, I was unable to retrieve my old username “tiggahtigz” but I was able to grab “Tiggah Tigz”.

You can follow this link to add me as a contact if you have a Flickr account: