As many of you know already, my Flickr account was deleted because my “naughty images” had my blog’s watermark on them. For some of you it might be the first time seeing some of these, but for some, they’re probably old news :)

I added a new gallery where I’ll dump all the old images I find in my backup cds and on my comp (VINTAGE TIGGUHH). I can’t go too far back but I managed to find pics from when I was 18 and up. My alter ego Tigguhh was quite the exhibitionist when I was younger, even before I started dating Pooh. I spent a lot of time behind my webcam. Gay asian boy + camera + home alone + bored + horny = lots of naked asian boy pictures. I am not sure if I mentioned it before but I guess it’s kind of a strange fetish of mine that I got off knowing someone was watching me. It’s not about conceit and narcissism, but kind of a feeling of acceptance and a sense that someone actually finds me desireable. I think we all have insecurities and sometimes it’s nice to feel wanted and attractive. It’s kind of hard to explain. Perhaps I’ll devote an entire post to it at a later time, but don’t confuse exhibitionism with being a whore :P. It’s one thing to like showing off and take pictures n stuff but it’s a different thing to just “hook up” – which isn’t me.

As strange as it sounds, when I was a little boy in elementary school, when everyone wanted to be firefighters and astronauts, I wanted to be a successful suit and tie businessman by day and a stripper by night. If I had known what porn was back then I’d probably have wanted to be a porn star instead of a stripper. I guess I’ve always had that alter-ego/double life fascination even as a young boy. Of course, I never done a “when I grow up I want to be a businessman by day and a sexy stripper by night!” report when I was in the 3rd grade, but I am pretty sure I’ve thought about it several times.


Anyway, this post is getting really random. If you’d like to view the VINTAGE TIGGUHH gallery, please only continue if you are 18 years of age or older and live in a state where you are legally able to view gay adult content. Also, please don’t continue if you know me personally…and you know who you are! :)

Oh n btw, don’t mind the horrible background and ugly flower print drapery…I was 18 or so living at home with my family and when it comes to home decor, my mom has extremely bad taste. LOL

Note, I think this might be the first time I’m posting my selfsuck pics on my blog. I’m a bit apprehensive but I’ll leave them up for now.

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37 Comments to “VINTAGE TIGGUHH”

  1. awi says:

    omg. i almost died, haha :-P those self-sucking pics are H-O-T ;-)

  2. keewee says:

    wow, you are flexible. interesting. :P

  3. Anton says:

    my heart skip a beat :)


  4. jason105 says:

    It’s great when an “exhibitionist” is actually sexy and talented and creative as well. Thanks for the great pix.
    all the best

  5. James says:

    I never saw so much of your cute butt before! Lucky Pooh! ;-)

  6. Max Phillips says:

    Very nice, thanks for sharing.

  7. ivanfromphi says:

    wish i could see more of “vintage tigguh”. . . together with pooh. ..

  8. iVANfromphi says:



  9. cmx says:

    can we see more of that hole? :p

  10. sam says:

    Me wants a naked Pooh. XD

  11. AlleX martin says:

    wish i could have known you when ur here in the phils,,lolz,,more hot pics with po,datz hot and sweet for sure

  12. hins says:

    In fact, as Me that I was very much want to see your asshole, is your anus. Most want to see that place. Do not know whether is the same true can also be sexy, perfect and Expect

  13. Lasher says:

    Woo-hooo!! Whew! That was hoottt!!! Gggrrrr!!!

  14. Lasher says:

    By the way, you look hotter naked with your pubes….hmmm….yeah!

  15. Kimoochii says:

    OMG! ‘Love the auto-fellatio/finger on the spot photos. I only wish there wasn’t so much writing over the pics, making it hard to clearly see what I want to see very clearly. Looking at a few comments, above, I see that many people want to see the hole. ha ha lol

  16. James says:

    My jaw fucking dropped. And oh, I’m in the office.

  17. mikkoi says:

    wanna see you cum sometime.

  18. rain says:

    pooh is damm lucky guy….

  19. Richy says:

    =O that’s amazingly hot

  20. Al says:

    haha now THAT’S how I remember you from all those years ago lol

  21. Sheen says:

    Pooh’s so lucky. I wish I had my own Tiggah too!

  22. Shin says:

    Pooh’s so lucky. I wish I had my own Tiggah too! love your blog!

  23. Cleve says:

    Stumbled upon your blog. Cooool. Plus the pictures of your alter ego. Its really cool. ;)

  24. Rey Mesa says:

    Hehehe, Nice pics very hot!!hot!! I instantly got a fever looking at those very hot pics!!, But I I’d love to look at you naked sitting, perhaps with a flaccid dick or half erect…I’d love to see you that way while stroking my dick..Hope you can send me some of your naked photos for my collection…promise I’ll keep it for my self only. Thanks!

  25. sheen says:


    (nice dick..Ü)

  26. carl says:

    i miss your morning wood post..

  27. daddys_boy says:

    woow. how did u like the taste of ur own cum.
    Damn your fucking hot =)

  28. maccallister says:

    the self sucking pic is amazing!how come u dont post videos of you doing it here?love to see you move hehe

  29. Kimoochii21 says:

    We all know Tigguhh can self-suck. I want to see him self-fuck. Or better still, I’d like to fuck Tigguhh myself.

  30. Kimoochii21 says:

    I’d like to see Tigguhh self-fuck.

  31. Kimoochii21 says:

    How can I attach my picture to my posting/name?

  32. Ben says:

    love the pics, you are so hot and sexy :) leave the selfsucking pics, they are hot :)

  33. Kimoochii21 says:

    What does the selfsucking taste like? How does it feel?

  34. Anonymous says:

    I am so glad you were able to keep quite an impressive collection of your naked pictures. You are one hot Pinoy and thank you for sharing these photos with us. Many of us who follow your blog are thankful that you are an exhibitionist who take pride in your body and you are willing to share them to us. Thanks as well to your partner for accepting who you are and allowing you to continue sharing your naked photos to a lot of gay men out there. Will we ever see you and Poohbear naked together in the picture? Pictures of two sexy men in a loving relationship, both naked…that will be a wonderful Christmas present.

    • Tiggah says:

      anonymous, thanks! I’ve actually posted pictures of Pooh and I in the past but my Flickr account was deleted and those pictures got lost.

  35. Kimoochii says:

    Pooh is so lucky. Let’s tell the truth – because he gets to fuck that beautiful, welcoming ass so many times. I want it.

  36. JC says:

    are there cum shots?? im dying to see it…
    super hot!

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