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So I installed Picasa and I’ve just discovered how wonderful it can be! It scanned my entire computer for images and it turns out I had a whole bunch of images that I didn’t even know I still had. Fortunately, I have backed up all of my images before uploading them all to my recently deceased Flickr account. As a temporary file storage, I’ll use Picasa to share my digital memories with everyone. Since they too have pretty strict terms of service, I will need to hold off letting Tigguhh come out to play. I’m actually very surprised to see how many archives I have of (XXX) images. I’ve been an exhibitionist ever since 2000! Now that’s a lot of pictures.

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It seems I can just use Gmail’s photos feature for images until I can figure out how to get my website up and working. Unfortunately, I don’t know too much about making my website but I’ve been receiving lots of great tips and help from my awesome readers! Thanks a lot! I think I’ll be using fatcow to host my site…I just need to figure out how to get my blog transfered over. Hopefully things work out! ::crosses fingers::


Parent Life

Wow…Pooh and I really have our hands full with our new bundle of joy!

Raising a pup is a lot of hard work! Since we’ve been house training Gizmo, we’ve been dedicating all of our free time to him. I never thought I’d ever be so excited about poop. Gizmo’s been doing great at waiting until we take him outside to do his business – a couple accidents here n there but he’s still a pup and learning.

Luckily, Pooh is able to bring him to work so we are able to keep him company while he’s growing. It’s also a great way for us to socialize him and keep him from getting territorial. We’ve been trying to take him everywhere we go so he can meet new people and get comfortable with strangers. He’s such a friendly dog!


2 days until Gizmo arrives!

Hello Everyone! Sorry I’ve been inactive for a while. Pooh and I have been spending each day after work preparing our house for our puppy’s arrival. We’ve been hardcore cleaning, rearranging furniture, and doggy-proofing the entire place. We’ve got a lot of electronics and gadgets everywhere so we had to tuck cords away and find better storage for everything. Hopefully we don’t have anything accidentally become a chew toy for the lil guy. We’ve also been getting the essentials – doggy bed, food, training pads, doggy wipes, bath and grooming products, cleaning supplies, training treats, doggy bowls, collars, leashes, a doorway blocker thing, toys, and a whole bunch of stuff we probably could of waited to just get later. I know…we’re totally going to spoil this pup…but we’re just so excited that we want to get him everything! We’re going to stick with short daily training sessions and thankfully we live in a very dog friendly neighborhood. We’re pretty much going to take him everywhere!

Any of you guys have a pet? Please share…I’d love to know what kind and what their names are :)



While things with my “new site” are being worked out, I’ve decided to continue on with my blog until it launches. With everything set aside, I’d like to introduce a new addition to our family!

Meet Gizmo!

At the time we took this pic he was only a month old. We still have to wait until he has all his shots before we can adopt him. We’re so excited! We thought it’d be appropriate to name him Gizmo since we love our electronics. :) I want to eventually have 2 dogs so they can keep each other company. I want to name the next one Gadget!


A Response

Hello Everyone! Thank you for your comments. I’m glad to know that I have readers that want to see my blog continue running.

Flickr responded with the following:


Flickr account “tiggahtigz” was deleted by Flickr staff for
violating our Terms of Service and Community Guidelines.

URL watermarking images for an adult blog/website.

Flickr reserves the right to terminate your account without
warning at any time.

Nowhere in the guidelines does it mention the words “URL” and “watermarking”, and nor does it contain any phrase similar to the one they provided. I did not violate any of the terms set in the FLickr User Guidelines and so my account shouldn’t have been terminated. I responded 3 days ago saying so but have not yet received a response.


I am currently working on getting a domain and hosting. My only problem now is getting my site up and running. My web skills are not so great so I’ll need help with creating a member’s section. This section will provide members with a username and password that will grant them access to “special” content. Anyone know how to do that? Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks!



So I guess there’s nothing I can do about my Flickr account. They responded to my email giving me a generic message, just how I thought they would, saying that I “violated terms set in their user guidelines”. I’ve always moderated all of my content and set anything not suited for younger viewers as private. I also don’t use flickr for commercial use. I just use it to post images on my blog, which I don’t use for commercial use and I don’t sell anything. I responded asking for the exact instance that I’ve violated terms in their guidelines so I can have an internet law lawyer go over it. It’s a good thing that in my line of work I have access to these kind of resources. I’m hoping that I don’t have to resort to legal action. It just upsets me because all of my blog content was on my flickr account. The nearly 4 years of blog images were all linked from Flickr.

I’m now thinking of buying webspace and starting my own website so I wouldn’t have to deal with stuff like this. What if blogger suddenly decides to censor my blog or delete it? I’d be devastated! I have been considering creating my own site and possibly making a members section for…well, you know. I guess I just don’t know where to start. After all this, it seems like it’s a sign.



I’m so upset right now. Flickr deleted my flickr account! :( I have always been good at moderating the content on my account and making certain images private. I also only use the account for personal use and for my blog…which is not for commercial use since I’m not selling anything. I paid for a pro account and still had a couple months before it expired. I sent them an email asking why my account was deleted so hopefully I’ll get a response soon. Most likely I’ll get a generic message saying it was removed because I violated terms set in their user guidelines. I am so upset because all of my photos were saved on my flickr. It’s like erasing my memory of all the special moments in life. :(


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