2 days until Gizmo arrives!

Hello Everyone! Sorry I’ve been inactive for a while. Pooh and I have been spending each day after work preparing our house for our puppy’s arrival. We’ve been hardcore cleaning, rearranging furniture, and doggy-proofing the entire place. We’ve got a lot of electronics and gadgets everywhere so we had to tuck cords away and find better storage for everything. Hopefully we don’t have anything accidentally become a chew toy for the lil guy. We’ve also been getting the essentials – doggy bed, food, training pads, doggy wipes, bath and grooming products, cleaning supplies, training treats, doggy bowls, collars, leashes, a doorway blocker thing, toys, and a whole bunch of stuff we probably could of waited to just get later. I know…we’re totally going to spoil this pup…but we’re just so excited that we want to get him everything! We’re going to stick with short daily training sessions and thankfully we live in a very dog friendly neighborhood. We’re pretty much going to take him everywhere!

Any of you guys have a pet? Please share…I’d love to know what kind and what their names are :)