So I installed Picasa and I’ve just discovered how wonderful it can be! It scanned my entire computer for images and it turns out I had a whole bunch of images that I didn’t even know I still had. Fortunately, I have backed up all of my images before uploading them all to my recently deceased Flickr account. As a temporary file storage, I’ll use Picasa to share my digital memories with everyone. Since they too have pretty strict terms of service, I will need to hold off letting Tigguhh come out to play. I’m actually very surprised to see how many archives I have of (XXX) images. I’ve been an exhibitionist ever since 2000! Now that’s a lot of pictures.

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10 Comments to “Picasa!”

  1. Night Tale says:

    I am… I mean, we are waiting for the pics!! LOL.

  2. Anonymous says:

    yeah picasa is better.
    you should also try shutterfly though. but since you have picasa so okay.

    tiggah, how did you done that your blog has somewhat like a “read full” or “summary” thing? what is the name of that code? i wanna have like that on my site..

    hopinbg your sweet response :)

  3. Anonymous says:

    I AM SO EXCITED!!! I MISS Tigguh!hehehe

  4. Anonymous says:

    i hope you will find a way to have tigguh back….hahahaha!

  5. Raab says:

    Irfan View is also good

  6. Raab says:

    Or Faststone Image Viewer

  7. letopho says:

    I <3 Picasa

  8. deeperdigger says:

    Hey Tiggah, why not try Yahoo or Google Groups?
    I believe they don’t discriminate against adult content for as long as you classify it properly.
    Photobucket and picturetrail could also serve as a temporary home…

  9. Ambo says:

    picasa is better..however, i think it has same provisions as that bastard flicker storage site with regards to the content;
    normally; even if the user has tagged the content/pic as adult content; once the admin receives a complain they would eventually remove/delete the whole account….
    (mind you, “sa tingin ko”, pinabura yun ng naiinggit sa iyo at posibleng malapit na kaibigan or dating kaibigan)

    about the yahoo groups, “pangit”…
    i won’t recommend….

    That’s all

    How about “Gadget”?
    Kailan darating?

    Ingat :D

  10. Mac Callister says:

    atleast you backed up your pictures before i thought u lost it

    hope i can see another pictures of you on your birthday suit hehe i missed that!

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