Dinner, Wine, and Sex!

Last night Pooh and I decided to go out for Japanese food after a long day at work. We thought it’d be nice to just enjoy the evening and relax.

It’s been a while since we’ve been to Ichiban in Hillcrest so we thought we’d go there. They’ve recently changed their interior a bit by adding new tables and seating. It was cold out and it started to rain, but Pooh and I opted to seat ourselves in the outside patio area. It was nice…we had it all to ourselves!

Pooh had a Caterpillar Roll. It was yummy as always! They are definitely one of my most favorite places to get sushi :)

I decided to get something different this time. I always get the Chicken Bowl. This time, I got the Chicken Thigh Entree…which is actually the same exact thing except the rice and the chicken are served separately. :) There is a difference though! Since the chicken is separate, the rice is not drenched in the spicy yet sweet sauce. I much prefer them separate. Anyway, it was delicious!

I always loved the service at Ichiban. There is a cute little Japanese lady that works there that usually comes by and asks if everything is doing OK. She’s awesome! All of the workers there are very pleasant. One of the workers actually recognized both Pooh and I from my blog and mentioned he had read my post on Ichiban On The Rocks. Which by the way, Pooh and I still need to head there and check out some of their entrees.

Afterwards, Pooh and I decided to have a bottle of wine at Bamboo Lounge. It was open mic night so it was a pleasant treat. They also played some nice down-tempo music between performances. It was nice to relax with my Poohburr. We had a bottle of Poyecto Qu4tro (Project 4). I’ve mentioned it a couple times in previous posts. It is one of my favorites!

After finishing the entire bottle, Pooh and I headed home to chill. The wine got me in a very “good mood” and well…it was definitely a perfect way to end the evening. :)

  • Kai Santorino
    December 20, 2007

    happy holidays to you both!

  • Remcyl
    December 20, 2007

    Hmm, the entry was filled with dinner and wine, but i cant find the sex part. haha

  • keewhee
    December 20, 2007

    “good mood” … heh heh

  • krisha
    December 25, 2007

    your blog’s making me hungry hehe. so much food :)

    merry christmas!