Pooh Pics!

Pooh and I are currently working different schedules for the month of December. I work Monday-Sunday from 9am to 8pm. Pooh works Monday-Saturday from 11am-8pm. We live about 5 minutes away from work so Pooh would drop me off at work and then work out at home before going to work. Pooh took some nice pics for me and emailed them to me :) I thought I’d share them with you guys. I think my Pooh is frikkin hot n sexy!

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21 Comments to “Pooh Pics!”

  1. Anonymous says:

    omg he is so hot. really envy you guys. i wish my ex bf is with me. haiz.

  2. Anonymous says:

    ~omfg. he puts the SEX in sexy. good job tigguh.

  3. Quentin X says:

    Sizzling hot!!! Is it a sin to lust after someone else’s husband?

  4. Kai Santorino says:

    undeniably hot… you’re one lucky man…

    i love those pierced nips… i hope he showed u more…

  5. GLENN says:

    pooh…. is freaking hot and very sexy…. and may i add delicious… no wonder you are very happy with him…..

  6. JOSH says:

    arrgggg… i’m dying to have a bod like dat! But i’m just too bum even to lift weights, ngehehe.

  7. Anonymous says:

    he is so hot!!!! Those pics gave me a boner.

  8. daemon says:



    it just leaves me speechless…

  9. keewhee says:

    will we ever get to see him in his full glory?

  10. Hazen says:

    Wow, he is handsome. Obviously the sex at your home takes place with the lights on!

  11. Anonymous says:

    hoLy… bOdy… pOoh’S hOt… pErioD… i eNvy tiGguH… hOw i wiSh i couLd sEe yOu guYs iN aLL yOur gLory toGethEr… waNna sEe yOu bOth cuM… oH heLL i’M gEttin hoRny…

  12. THE GRIPEN says:

    Wow you’re a one lucky tiggah…

    Merry Chrismas!

  13. Scarlet says:

    Gawwd.. Completely and undeniably oozing with hotness. What about you Tiggah? When are you gonna start flaunting your assets again? Stay gorgeous, both of ya. ;]

  14. Ernesto says:

    I love Pooh’s build he have a pierced that’s is soo hot!!!

  15. Male Beauty says:

    very very hot!! thanks for posting pooh’s pix tiggah! well worth the wait. ;)

  16. Milo says:

    Sexie!, he exudes sex. I like his hair like this, too.

  17. artful says:

    Pooh is a great looking man.. luv the pierced nips.. and the gym-worked chest and shoulders. Maybe he’ll post a full frontal view of his sexy masculine physique for us some day.. till then thanks for sharing these.

  18. kukuripupu says:

    HOT HOT HOT!!!!!!



  19. Amy^BundCheN~ says:


  20. oreyaro says:

    Hold on to him real real good bro! :) ‘f you don’t I will! hehe. the best to both of ya!

  21. Anonymous says:


    if that’s the reason why you fell in love with him hehehehe

    you really compliment each other

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