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Little Italy Art Walk!

After a yummy breakfast…

Pooh and I went to Little Italy’s Artwalk! A huge gathering and showcasing of extremely talented Artist’s work, inspirations, and masterpieces. I was an Art Major in college (switched to Architecture after 2 years, but I’m thinking about switching back to Art if I ever decide returning to school) and have always dreamed of putting up my own gallery somewhere. Pooh and I are really into Art and were very excited to check out this year’s ArtWalk. We attended last year but we arrived when they were closing and puting everything away :( We made sure we were able to spend the whole day having fun and enjoying everything Artwalk had to offer!

There were several stages setup for live performances. This duo caught our attention because they were performing one of my most favorite songs, “I will follow you into the dark” by Death Cab for Cutie.

There’s definitely one other reason why we love these events…
I’m sure you already guessed it…
Italian Sausages!

Chocolate Covered Cheesecake on a stick!
Deep Fried Cookie Dough!

Fair-food is undeniably the most satisfying indulgence that allows us to say “well it’s a special event that won’t happen again any time soon, so I should have some while it’s here!”

Pooh and I had a great time! It was a wonderful and very inspiring experience. We definitely can’t wait till next year!


Tigguhh Archives

::blows dust off old images::

So my alter-ego Tigguhh has been an exhibitionist for quite some time now. Actually, Tigguhh was MUCH more uninhibited when he was younger. I’m 24…so one can only imagine what a naughty boy Tigguhh was. ::grins:: I’ve recently found the back-up files and images from my old laptop and thought I’d share some of these archives with you guys. I’ll be labeling this series “Tigguhh’s Archives” (of course, all images were taken at 18+).

and a little bonus…since Tigguhh hasn’t been out to play in a while…


Saturday Night

After a long days work…

Pooh and I had a yummy home-made italian dinner…

Delicious Pasta…

and Caprese Salad over Prosciuto!

Afterwards, we headed out…

for a wonderful night at Bamboo lounge…

for some wine and Tigz n Pooh time :)

We had a great night! Pooh and I then took a long romantic walk down University Avenue. It was nice :)


Leandro Okabe = Sexy

This guy makes me want to work out like crazy. I love his body and he has the most gorgeous face. Pooh and I would definitely love to have our way with him several, several, several times. :)


New Toy :)

And No…it’s not rubber and 9-12 inches long.

I haven’t had time lately to put this post up until now. I’d write about it more in detail, but I’m afraid that if I do then my post would appear in a Google search. I know a couple people that are really into these things that I really wouldn’t want seeing my blog :)


Hmm..Random not so Random?


After going through my blogs, I’ve noticed that my life lately seems pretty routine and in fact…not so random. Pooh and I have been working A LOT and sometimes it seems like we work, eat, sleep, work, eat, sleep.

Of course, Pooh and I still have fun. We enjoy our days off and our time together after work. I love to dine out and we do so almost every night. But there’s just something inside me that’s feeling a little down. I’m not sure why, and I guess I’m not sure how I feel exactly. Maybe everyone feels this way sometimes.

Before Pooh and I started working for this Company, we were VERY random and life felt free and spontaneous! Maybe my life seems monotonous because we haven’t been drinking much lately? We haven’t gone out like drunken idiots for quite some time now. Perhaps I’m just thinking too much. I know I’ll get over it. I guess I never really thought about it until now. Anyway, tomorrow’s another day…who knows what tomorrow will bring! Oh wait, I know…I have work…and then we’ll be going out to eat…and then probably we’ll head home afterwards to do whatever and then sleep. :) Maybe not…ah well.


What’s for Dinner?

Pooh and I went to a Japanese restaurant in Clairemont today. It’s a nice little place called Chopstix. We had Japanese on Monday but I wanted to try a Chicken Katsu Don. I’ve never had it before and Pooh always gets it, so I thought I’d give it a try. Actually, we couldn’t decide on what and where to eat so we randomly selected a restaurant we haven’t been to in a while (which is pretty hard to do since we have a really long list). The food at Chopstix is really good and at really good prices. Pooh ordered an Oyako-Don and I had a Chicken Katsu-Don; both came with a side of salad and Miso Soup. When I go to Japanese restaurants, I usually never really care much for their sides of miso and salad, but Chopstix’s salad is delicious! The Miso is also much better than most that I’ve tried. Anyway, if you’re ever in the Clairemont area I’d highly recommend dining at Chopstix on Convoy.

Pooh went jogging after work. I, of course, took my lazy ass to a starbucks and waited for him. :)

I was having a bad hair day today :(

My first time having Chicken Katsu-Don! It was delicious!


Seaport Village

I forgot to post about our visit to Seaport Village on Monday. I didn’t upload my pictures from my phone until now :) It was really nice out! We had a great relaxing day followed by a yummy Japanese lunch. Pooh had Chicken Katsu Don and I had a Crunchy Roll (tempura shrimp sushi topped with tempura breading and ichiban’s yummy sauce!)


Random Thoughts – Come on Toshi!

I recommend watching the whole thing. I saw this a LOOONG time ago and Pooh said something that reminded me of it. I just had to share it with you guys. It’s hillarious :)


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