Leandro Okabe = Sexy

This guy makes me want to work out like crazy. I love his body and he has the most gorgeous face. Pooh and I would definitely love to have our way with him several, several, several times. :)

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10 Comments to “Leandro Okabe = Sexy”

  1. dokd says:

    hey tigz! leandro is cute isn’t he!?! i wonder if he’s gay. he truly is an ideal guy.

    but just curious . . . would you or have you and pooh already had a threesome?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Funny, but I kinda think he looks like you. Is it time for you to go to the gym and get a tatoo or is it just the pizza I had for breakfast? Go figure! =)

  3. Moody says:

    He is nice! I think he must be Brazilian of Japanese descent, with that name, no?

    As for a threesome – I think that Tigz was just kidding, no?


  4. Clark Can't says:

    Luscious lips. Fierce stare. Yep, he is HOT!

    Tigz and Pooh on a threesome? Hmmm, unlikely. I think they are both greedy, if you know what I mean. Hehe. Moody and Timmy maybe. You think so?


  5. franco says:

    hi there… nice post..

  6. [R][i][V][E][R] says:

    Oh schucks! You too? Why is everybody posting Leandro all at the same time?

    I think this is the only time you posted somebody else other than u and pooh, isn’t it? That’s a first!

    River Pisanu
    (your reader in Thailand)


  7. tonu says:

    He does remind me of Tigz. Very sexy!

  8. Tommy says:

    Very sexy. Would love to have him on top of me someday.

  9. Anonymous says:

    u REALLY need to post more pics of u and pooh in action!!!!

  10. victormanalo says:

    may i know what’s the title of the song in this video…ty

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