New Toy :)

And No…it’s not rubber and 9-12 inches long.

I haven’t had time lately to put this post up until now. I’d write about it more in detail, but I’m afraid that if I do then my post would appear in a Google search. I know a couple people that are really into these things that I really wouldn’t want seeing my blog :)

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4 Comments to “New Toy :)”

  1. Clark Can't says:

    Beautiful. Looks very good on you. Nice. =)

  2. Anonymous says:

    Tiggah, please post your story on how you and pooh started in your relationship. well i’m not into a rush of knowing it, but still im a little excited. pls if you have time please post it, just bit by bit just to ease out the tension of excitement in me. lol. really want to know your love story…

  3. Daniel, the Guy in the Desert says:

    Ooh sweet! The CD comes with a watch?!
    (JK). It’s gorgeous, like you.

  4. tyboi says:

    very nice watch

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