Phone Search

My search for a new phone continues…

I’ve been having to use an old Sony Ericsson T610 phone while I search for a new phone to replace my broken P910. My temporary phone has been causing me a lot of problems lately and I’m starting to lose my patience. (>.<)

I’ve recently brought my P910i to a local phone store that deals in international phones to get it repaired. Hopefully they will be able to fix it.

I’ve been narrowing my choices down to the following:




IPAQ rx6815

The only issues I’m having are:
K800 – does not have wifi and does not support Edge (Tmobile currently only uses Edge and not 3G). It’s not a smartphone also.
N80 – I don’t see any con’s other than the camera isn’t as great as k800’s. It also is pretty huge…but size has never been a big problem to me since the P910i is ginormous!
N93i – it is bigger than my P910i…so…it’s frikkin huge. The cost is about $650-$750…which is close to what I payed for my P910…but…I’m not sure if I’d like to spend that much. Although the thought of being able to video blog is a nice thought…
IPAQ rx6815 – I can’t find it anywhere (>.<) Anyway, Pooh’s been telling me to make a decision already so we can put our phone plans together afterwards. I’m just so very indecisive when it comes to things like this…well…I’m indecisive period. Hmmm…what to do…what to do… Well my birthday is coming soon so maybe I’ll wait :)