Weekend Recap! Sunday :) Pt. 2

Pooh and I went to some street fair in La Mesa with a friend of ours. It was kind of whack =\ We grabbed something to eat and left with a quickness!

We decided to go to Bamboo Lounge in Hillcrest. Once Bamboo Exotic Teas and Imports, now remodeled and redesigned as Bamboo Lounge – hip, chill, relaxing, spacious, cozy, beautiful wine bar (they also have beer…but yknow…I’m not into beer much). The wine selection is great! They also have great daily specials and their sangrias are simply scrumptulescent! I’ve tried a couple of different glasses of wine from previous visits and I really liked all of them! My favorite is their “Project 4” in their Exotic Reds section. Pooh had his camera so he took a bunch of shots…the manager said to send some to his email address. :)

After we had a couple glasses of wine at Bamboo Lounge, we went off to go…of course…drink some more and play some pool at a bar in La Mesa called Pete’s Place. :) Definitely a fun night!

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5 Comments to “Weekend Recap! Sunday :) Pt. 2”

  1. fuchsiaboy says:

    cozy place at bamboo.

  2. charlee says:

    lets go for a drink;)

  3. Boy Uninterrupted says:

    bamboo is very, very cute and breezy/spacious. that’s the problem i sometimes have with NY … no space!! cute outdoors areas are few and far between in restaurants and if there are, you can’t help but feel that you’re eating/drinking in an alley.

    tell pooh he took some excellent shots he’s got a good eye & staging.

  4. tiggahtigz says:

    hey charlee, are you in town for spring break? I remember you were saying you were going to be in socal. Unfortunately, I don’t get a spring break…just work work work =P

  5. PuRoY says:

    lovely place, great interior and i love the draperies as division….and the projector shines on the wall ( is that the movie departed?.. :P )plus the eclectic furniture.

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