Last Night’s Craziness!

Pooh, Joanna, and I decided to spend our Monday night bar-hopping. :)

We decided to try something new so we stayed in Downtown so we could walk from bar to bar. We started at The Star Bar…which was great…but we got bored fast so we moved on to the next place. We then stopped by this great place called Bondi. It’s a new bar/restaraunt in downtown San Diego. The interior design was awesome!

I wish I could of taken more pictures but here are a few:

There were cute seating areas that looked like bird-cages!

The dining area was closed :(


Yea…we had a couple drinks while we were there…

the ceiling looked pretty crazy…

oh look, it’s pooh!

I’m not fond of beer, but they had a tastey brew called “little creature”…it was yummy!

Pooh and Joanna chillin in our private bird-cage booth thingy

Look, it’s Pooh again!

The restroom was pretty trippy, you could see the women’s restroom between the mirrors!

We then made our way to bar #3? We went to The Bitter End in downtown San Diego. We actually decided to check out their dance room on the bottom floor…we got jiggy-wid-it for a while. We had a LOT of fun!

After getting our groove on and pounding down drinks at The Bitter End, it was 2:30am and we decided to call it a night.

It was a great night! Surprisingly, I woke up this morning for work just fine :)