Boku no namae wa Tiggah desu!

I’ve been receiving a lot of emails from my beloved readers asking to know more about me; like where I’m from, where I grew up, and stuff like that…I realized that I never really said much about myself and my profile is pretty empty (perhaps someday I’ll fill it out). So I guess I’d take some time to briefly tell you all a little about myself.

If you haven’t figured it out already…I am asian. I’m Filipino/Pinoy/Fil-American whatever you want to call it. I was born in Olongopo City, Philippines and moved to California when I was 1. My father was in the Navy so we moved around a lot. I understand tagalog but unfortunately I don’t know how to speak the language. I also can’t understand the language when it comes to reading it (for some reason I have a lot of trouble trying to read tagalog and it starts to look like gibberish and I end up getting a headache…I know it’s weird. But if you’d like to leave a comment intended for me to reply or understand…it might be best to do so in english, although I do appreciate everyones comments no matter what language!) Strangely, I can speak more Japanese than I can speak Tagalog. Sukoshi wakarimasu …but I sound better speaking Japanese than I do Tagalog…I sound like an idiot when trying to speak tagalog. I spent most of my childhood in Michigan, and then my horrible teenage years here in California.

I met Pooh in highschool senior year. He was my straight homeboi for 2 years, and then we hooked up. ::grins:: We officially went from best friends to boyfriends on October 31st, 2001. We’ve been together a wonderful 5 years now! It’s great because my favorite holiday is Halloween…and Halloween is our Anniversary. I look forward to it every year! I guess the story of Tigz n Pooh should be saved for another post.

Anyway, that’s a little bit about myself. I’ll share more details randomly in future posts.

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  • dokd
    April 17, 2007

    yeah, i’d like to hear your story so that it can dredge out my old relationships as well. been with the whole rainbow and i’ve got to say that being in a filipino relationship with another filipino helps. even though just like you, i came here a year old to the states since my father was in the military, i was only able to study tagalog as a forign language at uc berkeley. and from person expereince, it’s harder to understand written tagalog vs just aural comprehension. if you’re interested, hit me up for weblinks to learn tagalog online if you want . . . otherwise you’ll just do fine. i’m sure that your many kuyas like myself have your back. cool?