Who’s Counting?

Not I…ok…well…maybe, just a little…

It seems just yesterday that I created my blog. Within 4 month’s, my blog reached 10,900 hits…I’m surprised that people actually found my blog interesting. I am very sure that my blogging buddies (see my link list) had much to do with the large increase in traffic (thanks a lot guys!). Anyway, with my life and uhm….private parts…all out there for the world to see…I’m hoping that my uninhibited exhibitionism and public display of personal experiences doesn’t lead to co-workers, relatives, and creepy guys at bars asking about my blog. I’d like to think positive and will continue to enjoy my freedom of expression. I always look forward to reading comments from visitors and am very happy that many of you are enjoying my blog. Anyway, I’m just being random.

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4 Comments to “Who’s Counting?”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi! I’m one of the thousands of people who find your blog very interesting. I check out your blog everyday. Aside from the nudity and sexual content (which i really really enjoy), I also like seeing what you guys do to have fun. It’s very interesting to see how you live life. And what a great and exciting life you seem have. Thanks for sharing your experiences. Keep it up!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I enjoy your blog as well. I think the relationship you and Pooh have is really sweet.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I don’t think your blog is interesting in the sense that there are particular interesting events that are happening in your life. It’s interesting (more like: arousing curiosity) because you’re a Filipino living in with another Filipino in the United States, one who probably has a vague idea of what it’s like growing up to be a homosexual in the Philippines. I’m a Filipino myself and most of the time, I consider your behavior risque. I still find some of the pictures here in your blog “shocking” to say the least. But good for you. You have embraced your sexuality fully and many among us here in the country can’t and won’t come out for several reasons. I think you just need to continue with what you’re doing because you’re inspiring youths your age here in the Philippines to acknowledge their sexuality — however difficult it would be — and live their life the way they want it to be. Also, you’ll have many detractors in the process. But I suppose you’re finding some purpose in doing your blog, and living your life. So just go for it.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Your blog is a beacon of hope for me. I see your relationship and think of my own happy moments too. I am happy to see two guys sharing a happy life together. I admire you both for having such a zest for life and succeeding in both play and work. Whenever I feel the drudgery of my own life, I seek solace in your blog and in knowing that life can be fun too as you both are proof. I am not as naive as I may appear. I can ertain the thought that you two also have your down moments, but I that does not stop me from seeing that you both have fun and love… and lots of it. I hope you keep up your good work.

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