Called in Sick =(

I woke up yesterday with a bit of a cold…but felt better throught the day and went to work. This morning, Pooh and I were coughing, sniffling, and just felt terrible. I felt so crappy that I actually called in sick to work. I don’t like missing work because I really need the money and can’t afford to miss a day. I woke up today at 1:30pm; Pooh had an interview today so he had to get up at 9.

I’m pretty much glued to the bed the whole day.
And Pooh’s pretty much glued to the Wii controller playing Zelda.

We’re thinking of going out for a nice big bowl of hot soup tonight. I always crave something spicy like thai soup or korean boiling bbq tofu soup when I’m sick. =P

I hope everyone else’s day went well. Make sure you all take your vitamins and drink plenty of liquids! I like to drink a glass of water with these packets called Emergen-C. Jam packed with Vitamin C! They definitely do help to knock it out of your system.