Zelda: Twilight Princess Finished!

So, as I said in my previous post, I called in sick today. Pooh and I have a cold. We spent the whole time at home being lazy couch potatos….well in my case…I was a bed potato. Perhaps it’d be more appropriate to say…bed burrito? Anyway, Pooh played Zelda: Twilight Princess on our Nintendo Wii the whole day as I watched. I mostly like to watch because it’s like watching a movie to me ^_^…especially when its a great story and a beautiful game like Zelda is. We took a nice little nap and then continued playing afterwards. Pooh finally beat the game just minutes ago! It is such an amazing game.

The story is cute, funny, dramatic, and so much more! The graphics were incredible. They made everything beautifully detailed, despite it being said to be the lesser of the next gen consoles on graphics capability (ps3, xbox360, etc). So many areas of the game were iridescent, breathtakingly vivid, and set moods that draw you deep into the game physically and emotionally! Of course, we had HD component cables for our wii, so I am not sure if the visual experience is the as quite the same without it. The music/audio in the game was moving, powerful, and emotional. I seriously love this game! I would write more about it but it’s now 2:43am and I must get up in 3.5 hrs for work. It is time for sleep.

What do you think?

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  • Devastatingly Duc
    January 9, 2007

    I love that game. It was a day well spent.