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IT’S MY FUCKIN BDAY! (preview)

Today I’m turning 38! Crazy right? What a crazy year it’s been so far too. I wanted to do a photo set that mirrors what is happening in the world and that will remind me when this is all over what Iā€¦ WE went through the past 3 months. Bandanas, masks, isolation, staying home looking out the window and a lot of masturbating to waste the time hoping the next day we will get closer to normalcy. That’s our life right now. I’m lucky to have Tigz and Gizmo with me through it. Enjoy the photos! Full photo set in the members section or on


Another day another quarantine. (preview)

My typical mornings go like this: wake up, take a pre-workout, read the news, watch the news, work out, jerk off break, finish work out. Lol. Then eventually wake up Tigz because he stays up late playing video games šŸ˜‘. I take a pre workout with yohimbe that helps with fat burning but also increases sexual drive. I guess it works because I get pretty horny. So here are a couple of photos from my workout break. šŸ˜‰ (Full set in the members section)



Have a happy Halloween everyone! I’m sad we didn’t have time to put together an outfit this year. Let’s look back at some memories of past slutty Halloween costumes lol. I mean…I suppose I can whip something together this weekend…it’s not like I need that much fabric. Lol


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