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Making Him Hold It In (previews)

I decided to try one of those over the counter male sex enhancers that you find in porn/sex shops. I was always skeptical about them but I wanted to try it. Damn it got me so fucking horny. A few minutes into fucking him he was about to cum. I was like HELL NO WE JUST STARTED! hahaha. I go a little slower so he doesn’t bust just yet. Then I eventually let him go for it. 💦 (Full 24 minute video in the members section or


A Run With Pooh (preview)

I rarely do much cardio. Most of my body building buddies say if I want to build muscle I should limit my cardio to avoid burning too much muscle. I take walks for my lunch everyday but try to do at least one jog a week. I need to keep my heart healthy! Jerking off counts as cardio right? Makes the blood pump! Lol. I needed to take a breather mid-jog and bust one along the trail. Maybe I should bring a cloth with me. I had to run with cum on my hands for like half a mile before I found a water fountain to wash it off 😜. 🏃💦 (Full video in the members section or


Update Preview!

Thanks to everyone that has joined Tiggah and I in the past 3 months! For those of you that still haven’t made the jump heres a video comp of what you’ve missed. We got a lot more cumming your way! 😉💦

This ain’t all we got! As of now we have a library of hundreds of posts: lots of blogs about our lives (always free), over 400 photos, over 90 videos and counting. Support your favorite Filipino couple and get in on the fun! ❤️

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