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I hope you guys noticed that Pooh and I have been back to posting content to our Member’s Section and Onlyfans more frequently. We were so busy with work and burned out that we slowed down a bit. But we’ve recently opened up our schedules and now we have more time to dedicate to my site and just things we love doing.

The last year has just been so stressful and tiring. The company that we work for (our day jobs) is going through what most companies are experiencing; we’re understaffed but are busier than ever. I’ve been busting my ass every day to the point that my hands started aching and cramping up…I developed Carpal Tunnel Syndrome! Fortunately, I’ve been going to physical therapy and accupuncture so it has been getting better. My doctor said there’s no nerve damage so I don’t need surgery but I’m getting my first set of injections next week. Hopefully the cramping and my hands seizing up will go away with the injections entirely. Anyway, I’ll get into details about that stuff in a later post, but my hand situation helped me put things into perspective. I was burned out and not only my physical health was deteriorating, so was my mental health. After a long tiring and stressful day of work all I’d want to do is drink and do absolutely nothing. I couldn’t work out because it would hurt my hands, and I started gaining weight so I started feeling insecure about my body. Ugh, I was a mess.

We’ve worked for the company for over 15 years so we love the people we work with and love our jobs, but this past year has made us realize that we can’t work there anymore. There’s several other factors besides my hand situation that helped make our decision but I’ll maybe post about that later. The company that we work for has been very understanding and didn’t take the news badly since we offered to work part time until they find suitable replacements. Pooh is a graphic designer and they’ve found a replacement for him already but he still probably has a couple weeks of training before they won’t need him anymore. I manage my department, I work in watch repair, so it will be a lot harder for them to find my replacement. Plus it’s me, and I’m amazing, so it’ll be near impossible to replace me. LOL. Anyway, I’m assuming I’ll still be there for a while, but I don’t mind because I do still love the job, what I do there, and the people I work with. So for now, we’ll be working there just a few days a week so that means we have more time to focus on doing other things.

My goal for 2022 is to finally get this blog/site to where I’ve always wanted it to be. I’m so thankful to you guys that have been following my blog since the beginning and thankful to those of you that have discovered it recently. I can’t believe I’ve been keeping this thing alive since 2001! I am sitting here tripping out because I am typing this on my patio…on a Friday…when I normally would be at work…ESPECIALLY ON A FRIDAY…which in the 15 years of working at our day jobs we rarely ever have Fridays off because we would need to save our PTO (Paid Time Off, we only get 2 weeks a year) so we would usually just take a Saturday off so that we can have a 3 day weekend and space out our very limited vacation time! OMG sorry I ranted there, but I’m hoping you understand what I mean. *Takes a deep breath* Anyway, this all just feels so nice. I’m happy, Pooh is happy, let’s do this!

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