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Sorry if you were unable to access my website over the weekend. There was an issue when renewing my SSL certificate. Someone messed up! LOL. Everything is all good now. Please be sure to follow my Twitter so that you can get updates in the event that something like this were to happen again. Hopefully it doesn’t!


Palm Springs Fuckin (previews)

With all the shit going on we just need a get away at least once a month. We wanted to go somewhere else other than Palm Springs because we went there last year but we couldn’t pass a deal on the sweet bungalow. It was like having a house but with hotel amenities. It was beautiful too. We spent most of the time in the bedroom… doing.. you know… 😏

(Full video in the members section or or


Private Patio Photos (preview)

We needed another get away and Palm Springs is just the perfect place to do nothing and relax. We got this sweet one bedroom bungalow at the Avalon Hotel! We’ll be blogging about the trip soon enough but for now I just wanted to show off the private patio we had, perfect to be naked in under the 111 degree weather. Man was it fucking hot! Full gallery on or in the members section.


Hoodie (preview)

Jerkin off in my hoodie. 💦

(Full video in the members section or


Back Room (preview)

Hiding out in the back to let a quick one out! 💦 (Full video in the members section or


Peeking Through (preview)

My little friend was peeking through my shorts and wanted to come out and play for a bit during my workout. (full video in the members section or



Hey guys! With the recent update to my servers and my site having been down for a bit, I thought I’d recommend that you follow our Twitter so you can see if we made any announcements or reports of downtime. Thanks for following! 😁😘🥰




#flexfriday/#throwbackthursday (previews)

Another unposted video from the archives! Damn my body was tight.. Trying to get back to that! Lol I almost get caught a few times in this video. Enjoy! 💪(Full video in the members section or


Making Him Hold It In (previews)

I decided to try one of those over the counter male sex enhancers that you find in porn/sex shops. I was always skeptical about them but I wanted to try it. Damn it got me so fucking horny. A few minutes into fucking him he was about to cum. I was like HELL NO WE JUST STARTED! hahaha. I go a little slower so he doesn’t bust just yet. Then I eventually let him go for it. 💦 (Full 24 minute video in the members section or


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