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NEW TOY (Preview)

Just picked up a new toy! The guy at the store recommend this one. New video of me testing it out coming soon 😘😁😋.


A Run With Pooh (preview)

I rarely do much cardio. Most of my body building buddies say if I want to build muscle I should limit my cardio to avoid burning too much muscle. I take walks for my lunch everyday but try to do at least one jog a week. I need to keep my heart healthy! Jerking off counts as cardio right? Makes the blood pump! Lol. I needed to take a breather mid-jog and bust one along the trail. Maybe I should bring a cloth with me. I had to run with cum on my hands for like half a mile before I found a water fountain to wash it off 😜. 🏃💦 (Full video in the members section or


Screenshot Preview

Preview screenshots of the next video I’m working on. Took a little break during my run. I love being nekkid outdoors. Video coming soon! 🌳🌳🍆🌳🌳


Update Preview!

Thanks to everyone that has joined Tiggah and I in the past 3 months! For those of you that still haven’t made the jump heres a video comp of what you’ve missed. We got a lot more cumming your way! 😉💦

This ain’t all we got! As of now we have a library of hundreds of posts: lots of blogs about our lives (always free), over 400 photos, over 90 videos and counting. Support your favorite Filipino couple and get in on the fun! ❤️

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Shower (preview)

Nothing like a nice steamy shower! 🚿 (Full gallery in the members section or


#throwbackthursday (preview)

I have a ton of videos that I haven’t shared yet from the past. I’ll use some Thursdays to share it with you guys! I miss the good ol days I can get a workout at the gym. 😩 (Full video in the members section or


#flexfriday (preview)

Video from last week’s #flexfriday. Was feeling a little under the weather so took a little break but getting back on it. Gotta keep it up! 😅💦💦 (Full video in the members section or


A day late but #flexfriday (preview)

Is it too late to make a #flexfriday post? Naaah I don’t think so! 😏. (full gallery in the members section or


Palm Springs Pt 2. (Shower Fuck – previews pt. 1)

Fucking Tiggah in this cool shower with a see through glass panel into the bedroom. What else can I say? Pretty hot! Love hotels with a hint of naughty! (Full video in the members section or



Hey Guys! Sorry if you tried visiting and noticed that my site was down.

Due to an increase in traffic, my site was using way more resources than my plan web hosting plan allowed and so I was basically forced to upgrade to a dedicated server. I was pretty pissed that they didn’t give me a warning before disabling my site and even then with it disabled I didn’t have access to allow me to send a message to inform all my members. Ugh! Anyway, on the bright side, a dedicated server means higher performance and better security, so I’m hoping it’ll speed up loading times for our larger videos. Please let me know if any of you notice a difference.

I apologize for any inconvenience to any of you that were planning on enjoying some of our blog the past 2 days. Thank you for visiting my site and your continued support. I love you guys!


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