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New Tigguhh Gallery (Preview)

I haven’t posted a gallery of myself in a while, so Pooh did a little photo shoot of me the other day. We went with a Jogging theme. LOL. I hope you guys like it! Full gallery in Members Section. OnlyFans members can find the full gallery here.



Trying to let the creative monkies in my head play more.


Another day another quarantine. (preview)

My typical mornings go like this: wake up, take a pre-workout, read the news, watch the news, work out, jerk off break, finish work out. Lol. Then eventually wake up Tigz because he stays up late playing video games 😑. I take a pre workout with yohimbe that helps with fat burning but also increases sexual drive. I guess it works because I get pretty horny. So here are a couple of photos from my workout break. 😉 (Full set in the members section)


From above.. (preview)

On my favorite excercise ball again.. from above. Stay motived! Hop on my ball 😉. Full video in the members section.



Watch Tiggahtigz with me on Twitch!



We got 1st place on Warzone a couple times, and usually finish top 5 or 10 when we don’t win, so I guess we don’t suck lol. This was one of the first times we won. We were so excited haha.
I prefer sniper rifles AX50 and the HDR, and an assault rifle as my secondary (Depeding in the map and game mode I use the Grau 5.56, M4A1, and M13). I’ve recently unlocked the Crossbow and it’s becoming my new favorite weapon.

I like to play video games to escape reality, relax, and spend my downtime. Now that we’re stuck at home and can’t hang out with our friends, we’ve been using video games as a way to spend time together.

I have a PS4 and Switch, but have been playing on my PC mostly. If you’d like to add us on console our PSN’s are Tiggahtigz, Groovapooh, and TigznPooh

Our Switch Friend codes are:

Tiggah: SW-5394-4198-0607

Pooh: SW-2014-6322-4640

To add me on for Call of Duty or other Blizzard games my ID is Tiggahtigz#1634

Do you guys have any recommendations of games? I used to be really big into mmorpgs and Overwatch. I mostly play Call Of Duty and Dragon Ball Fighter Z right now.

A lot of friends are on Animal Crossing but unfortunately I couldn’t get into it. If you have any games you enjoy playing I’d love to hear about em!



Did some drawing yesterday. It’s been a while since I drew or sketched anything, but it was nice and relaxing to sit out on our balcony and draw for a bit.



It was my birthday on Monday, 4/20. Thanks for the bday wishes, messages, comments, and greetings! Pooh surprised me with birthday cake and a video conference with a bunch of my friends on Zoom. It was nice to see my friends’ faces and hang out for a bit online. My sister also dropped off a bunch of desserts and tons of food. We also took Gizmo out for a walk with our bestie Russ. Pooh also got me sushi for dinner cuz I was craving…It’s been so long since we’ve had sushi! So thankful that I have Pooh. He really tried his best to make my bday special and more than just another day in quarantine. 😁😁😁


Quarantine Bday Sex (preview)

After having a surprise zoom call with our friends, gave Tigz a surprise bday cake and present, we decided to have some quality time watching some TV since we are stuck home. I came across a TV show on Starz called Now Apocalypse. It’s kinda bad but somehow soooo entertaining. Lots of gay sex scenes so sign us up! Well cuddling turned into stroking, stroking turned into, well you get it… lol ! Full video in the members section.


Happy Birthday Tigz!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the man that has made me happy for all these years, who has always been there for me and has made me smile throughout this quarantine. I’m stuck to you forever so being home with you is nothing different. As long as we can smile together I don’t care where we are. I love you, my #mcm, @tiggahtigz.


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