While Pooh is out n away, Tigguhh stays home to play (Preview)

Pooh went to his mom’s house to pickup some food and stuff for the house. I figured I can make some new content and try out a new toy while he was gone. I’ve always been curious about one of these things, (prostate massager) but looking at em online wasn’t quite sure how it’d work, fit, and feel…so I was like fuck it I’ll try it. I got one that has different vibration settings, a remote, and heats up! The heat is pretty interesting and the cock ring things really help to stimulate everything with the vibration. It feels amazing and pretty intense. Even after I came it made me wanna go again but I guess I just didn’t have enough cum to shoot out. 😅😅😅

If you’re curious about getting one, I got this one on amazon: (https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07ZQK1NNV/ref=cm_sw_r_sms_awdb_t1_ayLFEbRE5703V)


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1 Comments to “While Pooh is out n away, Tigguhh stays home to play (Preview)”

  1. Sylar says:

    Pooh is so hot, but I’ve missed your solo toy posts…😻

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