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After workout jack off (preview)

And here’s the video! πŸ˜‰. Full video for members!


As always… (preview)

I get horny after working out. I work out in the morning and Tigz likes to sleep in so gotta handle it myself lol. So here’s some after workout photos. Video on the next post πŸ˜‰. Full set in the members section!


While Pooh is out n away, Tigguhh stays home to play (Preview)

Pooh went to his mom’s house to pickup some food and stuff for the house. I figured I can make some new content and try out a new toy while he was gone. I’ve always been curious about one of these things, (prostate massager) but looking at em online wasn’t quite sure how it’d work, fit, and feel…so I was like fuck it I’ll try it. I got one that has different vibration settings, a remote, and heats up! The heat is pretty interesting and the cock ring things really help to stimulate everything with the vibration. It feels amazing and pretty intense. Even after I came it made me wanna go again but I guess I just didn’t have enough cum to shoot out. πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

If you’re curious about getting one, I got this one on amazon: (



Go Go #ThrowbackThursday

So some of you may not know I used to go go dance at Rich’s San Diego in 2012. Here’s a #throwbackthursday of the photos I could find from the good ol days. I loved gogo dancing but doing it with a full time job, staying out til 3am and going to a 9-5 job at 9am was hard as fuck. It was so fun tho! Maybe someday again if I’m not too old. Lol.



Since a lot of us are stuck at home, I’m sure you’re all watching a lot of tv/netflix/hulu/etc. If you’re like me, you’ve probably watched a lot of good ones all in one sitting. I thought I’d do some posts on some shows Pooh and I have been watching to pass the time.

For my first post I’d like to recommend Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet on Apple+. We just finished the season last night. Episode 5: A Dark Quiet Death was my favorite! I saw the trailer before watching the show and it was way better than I had expected. The writing is really good and as much as it is funny, there’s some serious parts that got me teary eyed.

Have any recommendations? I’d love to hear em. Leave a comment with some good bingeworthy shows! I have quite a few and will post more. 😁😁😁


Some days…

… you just want to sit on the couch and hold on to the most important person of your life. This is one of those days. I’m so grateful I have him next to me in the crazy world/times we live in. 18 years now and I wouldn’t trade him for anyone. When you find that person, never let that person go. Now back to watching and crying to Soundtrack on Netflix 😭.


Compression Flex (preview)

Didn’t realize I made a video from that photo set I released a few weeks ago. Just wanted to share it with you! Enjoy! πŸ˜‰ Full video in the members section.


My bestie 🐢

With the weird times we are in I am not only lucky to have Tigz by my side but my crazy yet extremely loving best friend Gizmo to lick my face when I feel worried. He loves to protect his daddies… Sometimes too much *yap yap* but always makes us smile! ☺️



Pooh and I took Gizmo out for a walk at the park with our bestie Russ and his doggie. Russ still has to work full time so we haven’t been able to hang out like we usually do. It was nice having some kind of interaction with someone in person since we’ve been at stuck at home…even if at 6 feet away lol. Although there is a state order in California to stay home, you are still able to go out for fresh air and to take your dogs for a walk as long as you practice social distancing. For more info on what you can and can’t do, where you can go, etc you can go here <a href=””></a>.

It was nice to go out n get some fresh air. Being cooped up at home has been a bummer but we’ve been trying to keep ourselves busy to help pass the time.


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