I’ve never really actively advertised my blog much. When my blog first started out on blogger/blogspot I got some buzz as a new blogger and some blogs were kind enough to do a post about mine. Nowadays my posts crossover onto Tumblr/Twitter and so it can be found via those platforms, but I’ve never really cared much to promote it. Partly because the content on my blog is NSFW…and also my penis and ass are all over this blog. I mean, I guess I’d rather my blog be something someone stumbles upon and finds interesting, rather than shoved in their face and it turns out to be someone that doesn’t want to see it or maybe shouldn’t see it…like a co-worker or family member. I figure if someone is looking for stuff my blog has to offer or something similar then it’s ok…because they were looking for it and so they wouldn’t mind seeing it. I figure my family members, whom I wouldn’t want to see my blog, or co-workers…wouldn’t be actively looking on the internet for blogs like mine or my nudes. Well, I hope not. Lol.

Despite my lack of enthusiasm or effort to promote my humble little blog, I am happy that many of you have somehow found your way here, and that many of you have been following my blog for a long time (I started this blog in 2006!). With that said, I’m sad to say that I’ll be shutting down my blog, tiggahslife.com.

Just kidding! :) I’m not the best writer, I’m not a super hot model, I’m not a famous blogger, and I know I get lazy with updating my blog… but this blog is my baby and it will be a long time before I decide to not renew my domain and website hosting…which btw is pretty expensive!

Anyway, I’ve kind of rambled and lost where I was going with this. Oh yea, so I was scrolling through my blog and I noticed a sidebar widget/banner on my blog that transferred over from my old blogspot. I used to be ranked so high on Plublogs and now I’m not. It seems to have reset my votes somehow when I upgraded my blog to my own site. I guess for a moment I got a little butt hurt so I went on the site and renewed my info. Lol. So yea, do me a favor and click this button and vote for me…just because…yknow, self gratuitous advertisement. Also, I’m kind of the competitive type. Lol

Click the link below and search for tiggahslife.com and vote for me. :)


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