Pooh and I are very lucky to have friends that got us tickets to Comic-con. Unfortunately, we had work on Friday and Saturday so we were only able to attend Sunday. We were still able to squeeze in as much as we could in just the 1 day though. We didn’t see any panels or anything like that but I enjoyed just walking around to see all of the cool booths/exhibits; people watching is also always good of course. I love seeing all types of cosplay. I wish I had the time to put something together. Maybe next year. :) I really wanted to pick up some Blizzard/Overwatch stuff but the line was gigantic. I didn’t want to spend most of my time in just 1 line when we only had 1 day to enjoy comic-con.

After a lapping the convention center about twice, we decided it was time to leave and find the nearest bar…because yknow, it was hot and we were getting thirsty. Parched. :)

Comic-con Sunday then slowly shifted into Sunday Funday…and you all know how much fun we have during Sunday Funday! :)

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