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Please listen carefully as our menu options have changed.
With my MEMBER’S SECTION opening in the vague near or far future, I’ve made some updates and changes to my website (If you haven’t noticed already). My blog will still be about my random adventures in life and whatnot, but I thought that it’d be nice to have some FUNCTIONALITY & FOCUS. Although this site is supposed to be about my random life, as I’ve gotten older my randomness has slowly shifted into a monotonous and habitual weekly routine – work eat sleep and party on the weekends. Some of the repetition just doesn’t seem post worthy. I mean, I have facebook and instagram to post silly little things that no one really cares about. I kind of want to run my site like a magazine so that you, my precious readers, have content worth checking-in often! Categories will still be available on my sidebar but my MENU up at top will be topics I’ll mostly focus on. If you have any suggestions on certain topics you’d like me to focus on as well I’d love to hear your input. So here we go, older me equals new me and new blog, kinda.

What do you think?

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  • Ajax
    April 27, 2015

    Well, since you are not a celebrity who travels around the world or chef who tasted variety of food. My suggestion is to focus on your daily life and interesting things that happens. Something you like to write and post about. My guess:

    1) Video games, give reviews about games you play. Most of your viewer including me are young guys and we all love video/computer games.
    2) Foods: if you cook give recipe. If you dine somewhere, write reviews.
    3) Travel: same as above.
    4) Relationship: did you know its hard sometimes to maintain a gay relationship. If you are monogamous, tell us the secret. How you make each other happy.
    5) Sex life! : Believe me, everyone who read your blog are mainly or only interested in your sex life. Focus more on this! (that a request, lol). How, when, toys, fetish etc. This point itself is magazine worthy read.
    6) Porn: I’m sure you love porn, tell us new updates. Whats new? Did you meet brent corrigan again? Whats trending etc.

    Just my two cents. Since you are just a normal man living a normal life, just write your daily routine but spice it up!


    • Tiggah
      April 27, 2015

      Thanks Ajax! I love it! I definitely think I’ll be going in that direction. I think focusing on topics like those will give me good content. :) The sex life part is a good point too!

      • Ajax
        April 28, 2015

        Glad you like it! Buzz me if you need some idea. :)

  • Mike
    April 27, 2015

    I think a great focus for you would be food/restaurant reviews. I’ve been a long time follower of yours, ever since the days of the blog Moody’s Life (gay guy living in Japan) and when his site went down he recommended yours and I’ve been following ever since. I was so grateful last year when my boyfriend and I were in San Diego and I reached out to you for good Japanese restaurants and you recommended several to me. The one we ended up going to was awesome. We live in the San Francisco Bay Area and travel to SoCal once in a while, so having those kind of restaurant recommendations on your site would be great. People do value your opinion (well, at least I do!) You and your crew always have so much fun; I only wish I lived in San Diego to party with you guys!

    Another idea would be fitness. Your workout, what you do, how you stay fit, diet, etc. I regularly go to the gym and do power yoga, and sometimes wonder what others are doing, or if I’m doing something wrong or should try something different. It would be nice to see what someone with your (sexy) physique does.

    Lastly, just a comment: Get over your insecurities already! I mean that in the nicest way. You are handsome, and have a body to die for. I lost 115 pounds about two and a half years ago and I guess I know what it’s like to deal with body issues and perceptions. You have nothing to worry about, trust me. I truly wish that some day I could achieve the physique that you have, at least it’s something to aspire to even if I never reach it. Be proud of yourself :-)

  • uemuramaiku
    April 27, 2015

    (sorry, looks like original comment didn’t post, typing again)
    In short, a long time viewer of your blog, ever since it was recommended by Moody’s Gay Japanese blog years ago before he shut down his site. I’ve always loved reading your posts, looking at your pictures. I wish I lived in San Diego to party with you guys! :-)

    1. Food: Restaurant/Bar reviews. My boyfriend and I live in San Francisco and we travel down to San Diego once in a while. I reached out to you last year when we were there during one of our trips for a restaurant recommendation and you were so kind to give me a huge list of Japanese restaurants that were your favorites. We picked one of those and had a great time. You really know good Japanese food. I speak Japanese and have stayed in Japan so am always on the hunt for good Japanese restaurants and judging from your suggestions and the pictures and places you post, you definitely know where to find the good stuff. I think that’s one thing you should focus on.

    Fitness: I think people would like to know your training regimen. How often you go to the gym, your routine, diet, etc. Also included in that is dancing. I recall you had some great dance videos from classes you taught but I haven’t seen those on here in quite some time. Not sure if you’re still doing that or not but I thought it was great.

    Last but no least: Get over your insecurities! (I mean that in the nicest way!!!) I lost 115 pounds about two and a half years ago and dream of having a physique like yours. I guess it’s a matter of perspective, but seriously, you have nothing to be ashamed of or to hide. If I had what you have, I’d flaunt it day and night!

  • Dave
    May 11, 2015

    How about you just skip making a Members section, and just focus your blog primarily on sex, including sexy pix of yourself?
    If you’d like to monetize, you can have a donations option.
    (And your BF’s new blog can be your outlet for writing about food.)