In case you missed my instagram posts, I’ve uploaded pics from our trip to San Francisco for Folsom St. Fair. We spent the weekend with friends and had a blast. We watched a sex show at some place called Nob Hill, got dressed up at Folsom, and got to hang out with some good friends. :) What a weekend!

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3 Comments to “FOLSOM STREET FAIR 2014”

  1. Demetrius says:

    So excited to see you all attended Folsom. Curious to hear a bit more about your experience of FSF. Will you go back? Was it what you thought it’d be? Etc.

    • Tiggah says:

      @Demetrius I was excited to attend however I believe my expectations were too high. I was hoping to see a lot of crazy stuff and people going all out but I feel there were way more normal people and onlookers than people actually “participating”. I think that since it has become more “public” and somewhat more commercialized, it’s become a bit more tame or people just aren’t as uninhibited in fear that they might be posted all over the net.

  2. Demetrius says:

    Seems like a Europe leather event in Berlin for Easter, Labor Day weekend or otherwise might be more what you are/were seeking.

    Thank you for this blog! It adds to my life in many ways.

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