<3 JAPAN <3

My prayers go out to everyone in Japan and the many other areas affected by the quake and tsunamis.  I was in disbelief when I found out.  I was up all night reading different new posts and updates. Pooh grew up in Japan and has many friends and family still there.  We both hope everyone is ok.  Be safe.  Take care.  Stay positive. 

  • Moody
    March 12, 2011

    Thank you! We in Tokyo are safe, but I feel awful about those to the north of Tokyo.

    • Tiggah
      March 12, 2011

      @Moody! I hope u and ur loved ones are safe. Its great hearing from you! *hugz*

  • znon
    March 13, 2011

    Its great to hear that Moody is okay. I was going to ask to you if you found out how he and Timmy were doing.