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XXX-Mas Gift To Myself


I just picked up some toys for myself.  They were having a buy one get one half off sale so I figured…sure, why not?  :)

It’s been really cold lately so I think I’ll test one out while taking a hot shower later.




I hope everyone has a safe and happy Thanksgiving holiday!  I’m very thankful for being blessed with amazing friends & family, a comfortable home, a loving companion named Gizmo, and the world’s bestest boyfriend!  I hope you all enjoy your holiday. 






ZzzzzZzz Zzzz



I’ve just uploaded our Anniversary pics to the Galleries section of my blog. Since we couldn’t celebrate our Anniversary on Halloween, we did it the day after. It was kind of nice to have it on a Monday because we’ve been doing “DATE DAY” on Monday’s. It’s something we just started doing this year so it was nice to made our DATE DAY our special ANNIVERSARY DATE DAY!

(That paragraph was just one big giant redundant date day of a paragraph.)

It was a beautiful day so we went to Santa Monica Pier to have fun on the Boardwalk. We walked around, took pictures, and rode the large Ferris Wheel. It was so romantic!

We also went to Santa Monica Place to do some shopping. We were pretty surprised that we’ve never been to that part of town. It’s such a nice area and there’s so many nice stores to splurge at! We picked up a couple things here n’ there. I was going to pick up some new shoes at Nordstroms but they didn’t have the pair I wanted. I was going to get these awesome red and white Penguin shoes at South Coast Plaza’s Nordstroms but they didn’t have my size. I was very excited to see that they had a CB2! I stocked up on some cute stemless wine glasses and some stuff for the house.

We had dinner at The Chaya in Beverly Hills. It was amazing. Poohburr picked the place and made reservations. He made sure that it was a special night for us. He’s sooooooo sweet! Every time we have a special occasion dinner it gets better and better.

(Ahh bright flash! I look sleepy…could also be the alcohol…)

We started off with some cocktails and appetizers. Oysters and Escargot. We felt like being adventurous. I’ve never had Escargot before and was a bit nervous. I’m glad we tried it at The Chaya because it was delicious!

Pooh had the Steamed Black Cod w/ Manila Clams.

I had the Red Wine Braised Colorado Lamb Shank. It was so succulent and juicy! The meat melted off the bone like butter. It was so yummy! I cleaned my plate…really. I was so full but I loved every bite!

For dessert we had Affogato Pistachio Ice Cream with Green Tea. It was sweet end to a very sweet anniversary dinner!

I must also say that the service was excellent! Our server was SPOT ON with every detail. He even made sure that the waiter bringing out our entrees placed them on the table so that they presented all of the components on the dishes perfectly. He was very informative on recommendations with the menu and was extremely friendly. The interior of the restaurant was beautiful and despite how fancy it was it didn’t feel at all pretentious. I very much enjoyed our experience at The Chaya and hope to return soon!

If you would like to see the rest of the pictures from our anniversary dinner, click below or go to the Galleries section of my blog.




Hey guys! I’ve finally uploaded the pics from Halloween to the Galleries section of my blog.

Pooh and I had an amazing fun filled weekend in West Hollywood with our friends. If you didn’t know already, I was Cupid for Halloween and Pooh was a Hawaiian Boy. It’s hard to recall what exactly happened that day because it was all such a blur. All I know is that I had tons of fun!

(Matt as Luigi, Jay as Mario, David as Bossy Bottom…which isn’t really a halloween costume for him, me as Cupid, Pooh as Hawaiian Boy)

I drew Pooh’s tattoo on his arm. It took me about an hour to do. It would of been shorter but we ran out of ink and had to buy a new sharpie.

Can you see my signature?

Thanks to my buddy Flo, we had a place to stay that weekend. He was a Charlie Chaplin slash Steam Punk slash Waiter in Rain Boots =) Actually, we didn’t know what he was but he was still fabulous! We always have a blast with him!

We started off by going to our friend’s pre-halloween-carnival party since he lived in West Hollywood and then we headed off to the festivities on Santa Monica Blvd. There were so many cute and creative costumes! One of the highlights of the day was walking around Pavillions to buy alcohol for the party. It was during the day before any of the Halloween festivities. We were the only people in the grocery store wearing costumes and most of us were practically naked. A couple people asked to take pictures with me =). I’m glad people actually got that I was Cupid! I had a vial of glitter to shower people with love and I also had a packet of stickers to leave my mark. I had so much fun with it!

Pooh and I weren’t able to celebrate our Anniversary on Halloween because of all the stuff that was going on but we were able to have alone time the day after.

If you’d like to view all the pictures from Halloween, click below!




Apparently I have a doppleganger and he’s been on Facebook forever…

As much as I report him and send emails to Facebook, they won’t do anything unless over 100 people report him as a fake profile. Let’s see how much my fans love me….Please do me a favor & report this “Rjohn Gonzales” guy. Fake profiles are lame :( Just be yourself :)




Pooh and I picked up some Gun Oil lube and a cute studded leather cock ring from MKV tonight.  :)



Just got home from rehearsal not too long ago.  I was hoping to be able to blog a bit before bed but it’s already 12:41am.  I have work tomorrow…sigh.  Hopefully my day goes by fast so I can start my weekend.  I hope you all enjoy yours!



WAS AMAZING! I’ll be posting my pics soon!!!

For those of you that have added me as a friend on Facebook, I’ve already uploaded them to my photos page. I’ll be doing a post sometime this week…after we’ve fully recovered from this crazy weekend. =)

Thanks for the anniversary greetings and love! I <3 you all :)


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