Apparently I have a doppleganger and he’s been on Facebook forever…

As much as I report him and send emails to Facebook, they won’t do anything unless over 100 people report him as a fake profile. Let’s see how much my fans love me….Please do me a favor & report this “Rjohn Gonzales” guy. Fake profiles are lame :( Just be yourself :)


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24 Comments to “HE’S STILL ALIVE!”

  1. charles d says:


  2. Robert says:

    done! :)

  3. Rand Esma says:

    done. :D

  4. Isaac says:

    reported! :)

  5. Jaymes in La says:

    reported and I sent the guy a message asking why he was using your pic?!!

  6. candymanico says:

    done :)

  7. nui says:


  8. Louis says:

    He is probablt trying to use your pics to get some hookups. Imagine what people would be doing when they see him actually being butt ugly :D

  9. laurel says:

    did you send him a note telling him you’re the real thing? reported him already.

    • Tiggah says:

      @laurel – yep I did. I even add him as a friend and he accepted my request. He deleted me after he figured out who I was lol.

  10. Louis says:

    Reported him too :) On the bright side, imitation is the biggest form of flattery :)

  11. m m says:

    done ….. eventhough ur not on my friend’s list :(
    fyi …. this is my first comment on ur blog :)

  12. Ben says:


  13. Anonymous says:

    have reported him too

  14. Sum Yung says:

    mines too m m lol

    this guy has been busy

    2000+ friends

  15. Sum Yung says:

    umm… I know I’m a stranger, but I was trying to help but I guess you don’t care


    • Tiggah says:

      @sum yung : hmm i’m not sure why you think i dont care…I’m very appreciative and thankful! I’m not sure how you would think that… I do take a while to get through my emails to approve comments as they are all moderated if that’s why you might have thought that

  16. Sum Yung says:

    …..sorry :(

    It’s just one minute I saw the comment and then I didn’t :/. Thought you was deleted it. If I could take it back I would….

    • Tiggah says:

      @Sum Yung: ;) No worries. It could be possible that I may have approved it and accidentally hit unapprove when updating other comments. I do a majority of my blogging and comment moderation via my phone now. The touch screen is so sensitive haha. Anyway, as long as you aren’t mad at me then I’m happy :) oh and thx for reporting my impostor! ;)

  17. Calvin says:

    Ei Tigz. Calvin here. I’ve reported him right after I’ve read you blog as a support. I’ve also added you in face book. Thanks for being an inspiration to me and my partner! Hope is well with you guys! Ingat and Mabuhay! :P

  18. LP says:

    Done… :)

  19. Ji-hwan says:


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