The simple things in life are sometimes the most special.  I love waking up next to my Poohburr every day.  :)

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20 Comments to “WAKING UP”

  1. You are so right. I love waking up next to Oliver as well. I am traveling for the next 4 weeks ARGH. At least I will be home on weekends. :) Miss you guys.

  2. :) D :) says:

    treasure every bit of it. my relationship of 7 years just ended :( seeing you guys makes me jealous. i hope you last forever. dont give up on each other.

  3. rcLoy says:

    You two look so adorable! :)

  4. chester says:

    i have checking your blog everyday to see what’s new with you and to see your old posts over and over and over. i don’t know why but i am a tiggahdict (tiggah addict). where can i see pictures of you and pooh doing things hot, erotic and pure of passion. please…please…please…and three more please…please…please…

  5. rayvi says:


  6. ken says:

    Wow.. it is hot..

    If i could see more…will be best ya..hehe

  7. boo says:

    that’s so sweeeet!

  8. dessy says:

    so sweet…….

  9. WCS says:

    :-) Simply as that.

  10. robinriyadh says:

    yep, one of the best feelings ever is waking up beside the one you love – agree with you there 100%

  11. Jorge Chan says:

    Hello, congratulations, first time I left the message, as a couple are adorable, beware, I have five years to a relationship, a little stormy, but there you go, your photos, very good, greetings from Veracruz, Mexico, bye.

  12. derek says:

    wow…. i missed these kind of photos of you two…

    :-)…. i am such a fun of you guys….

  13. maccallister says:

    that’s so sweet!

    finally i saw a picture of you intimately…love it!

    more of this pls!

  14. Marl says:

    you guys are so hot! :) i’m envious. hahaha. wish i’ll find my tiggah or my pooh soon. here’s to 9 x 10 more years!

  15. ipan says:

    loved this… :D

  16. Anonymous says:

    Super Love this… Gorgeous man, I envy you… A lot.. Wish to have a relationship such as yours.. BIG LOVE>..

  17. Joseph Sabalones Rojas Jr. says:

    Super Like this Pic.. Gorgeous Man, I envy you.. A lot.. Wish to have a relationship such as yours.. BIG LOVE>..

  18. forgprince says:

    cute sweet and sexxy!

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